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Cables for movement chainflex®

Failsafe cables for energy chains - with guarantee
The chainflex® cables are unharnessed cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications, fail-safe with 36 month guarantee.
The chainflex® cables meet the requirements for EMC safety as well as the standards and guidelines such as UL, CSA, VDE, EAC, CTP, Interbus and Profibus. Various jacket materials are available. The product range includes everything from control cables, servo cables, motor cables and robot cables to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables and fibre optic cables. The chainflex® cables for energy chains work flawlessly over long periods even with many cycles, high speeds and accelerations as well as very extreme ambient conditions.

Information & background details

Why chainflex® cables?

Special cables for e-chains®
As an expert in energy chain systems, igus® supplies all components from a single source - including the cables. The design principle of the chainflex® cables helps to avoid problems such as "corkscrews" and conductor breaks in cables in moving applications, which prevents machine downtime. In contrast to the frequently offered "chain-friendly" cables with braiding in layers, igus® manufactures chainflex® cables according to the principle of braiding in bundles. The material and manufacture of shield and jacket of chainflex® cables are also specifically designed for use in energy chain applications. Since 1989, this has proven itself millions of times in practice around the world.
In our own test laboratory in Cologne, an average of 650 series of tests at a time have been carried out for the past 25 years under the most difficult operating conditions. These results are continuously incorporated into product development and the online service life calculator. This allows us to give our customers planning safety and thereby also become the only manufacturer to extend a guarantee of 36 months or over 10 million strokes.
No contradiction: good cables cost less
Quick availability throughout the world is a significant purchase criterion. With cable production on three continents and 14 storage and assembly centres around the world, customers get the exact cable they need from stock. The advantages for chainflex® cables are the presence of igus® in over 40 countries and the availability of cables from stock. This saves time, money, storage capacity and applies to each one of our 1,354 cable types which you can order without any minimum quantity purchases or surcharges.

36-month chainflex® guarantee

Predictable reliability
For over 25 years, we have been conducting tests in the largest test laboratory for cables and energy chains. This allows us to make reliable statements regarding the durability and service life of our cables used in moving applications.
Guaranteed service life - calculable online
For each of the chainflex® cable series, you can calculate online the service life expectancy of the cable selected for your application using the online service life calculator. For the guarantee to be valid, the cables must be operated in accordance with the application conditions specified for the respective cable series. They constitute the parameters of temperature, movement type such as unsupported, sliding, hanging or torsion, media influence and bending radii.

CFRIP® - Faster cable stripping

The principle is simple. With a few movements by hand, the jacket can be opened like a zipper to the desired length by simply pulling the inner CFRIP® tear strip. Subsequently, the outer / inner jacket can be removed from the cores. This not only saves you time but also additional tools. The cables are designed in such a way that the thread does not damage the jacket or cores even after millions of cycles of movement.

Not-yet-assembled cables

Flexible cables for automation

As experts in the cable carrier and industrial cable industry, we know how important flexible cables are in energy chains, especially where continuous movement under extreme conditions is concerned. Standard cables are unsuitable in moving applications, often causing the cables to corkscrew, underperform, or break. This is why we developed the chainflex® cable product line. chainflex® cables are specially designed for use in motion. Our flexible cables last for millions of cycles in moving applications. Our e-chain® is designed to hold all of the automation cables that we offer including servo cables, data cables and bus cables. chainflex® continuous flex cables are flame-retardant and oil-resistant and are therefore able to cope with the most difficult conditions of use.

More flexible chainflex® cables:

Continuous Flex Cable Advantages:

A chainflex® flexible cable is available with a PVC, PUR, or TPE jacket with a bending radius as low as 4 x d. Able to withstand speeds of up to 10 m/s, they have been developed with a special structure which guarantees millions of cycles in moving operations, such as in e-chains®. The long service life means low maintenance in even the harshest of conditions.

Tools such as our service life calculator allow you to reliable calculate how long your flexible cable will last. Depending on the temperature and bending radius we offer a guarantee for up to 10 million cycles. This calculator also allows you to accurately predict the maintenance cycle of your continuous flex cable, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

chainflex® cables are suitable for use in e-chains® up to 900 ft and longer. They can be used in extreme environments, such as below -20°F or above 200°F, and can have a high resistance to oil and coolant. Some also come with CFRIP for faster cable stripping that can save up to 50% time.

Whether you are looking for shielded or unshielded cables, products certified for use offshore or in clean rooms, UV-resistance, halogen or silicone free, igus® offers a wide range of products to fulfil all of your requirements. Simply use our filter above or the product finder tool to find the cable that best suits your needs.

Detailed information about each cable, including the conductor insulation, inner jacket material, linear and optical shield coverage, and electrical information can be found for every available product. This information can also be downloaded as a PDF technical data sheet.

Do you have any questions about igus® chainflex® cables? We are always here to help!


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