iglidur® J, Polysorb disc spring

Standard material, cost-effective
iglidur® J, Polysorb disc spring
iglidur® J, Polysorb disc spring drawing
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iglidur® J, Polysorb disc spring
iglidur® J, Polysorb disc spring drawing
  • Part number: JTEM-05
  • Material: iglidur® J
  • Shape: Shop disc springs
  • Dimensions:
    • d1 5.2 mm
    • d2 10 mm
  • Adjust dimensions
  • Injection moulding
  • Service life:

    Not available

Material properties:
  • iglidur® J: standard material for many applications
  • Compensation for axial clearance and manufacturing tolerances
  • Vibration dampening
Total price:

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What advantages do iglidur® Polysorb disc springs have?

Our Polysorb disc springs are made from iglidur® materials, which have various advantages:

  • Lubrication and maintenance-free thanks to solid lubricants contained in the material
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and media
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Cost-effective



When do I use iglidur® Polysorb disc springs?

  • If flat spring characteristics are required, which are only possible with considerable effort for metal (slotted versions)
  • When compensating for axial play and manufacturing tolerances
  • With vibration compensation
  • With noise reduction
  • If an antimagnetic material is desired
  • For electrical and thermal insulation


When do I not use iglidur® Polysorb disc springs?

  • When constant spring forces are required over wide temperature ranges
  • If high spring forces are desired


What is a disc spring?

Disc springs are flat, conical discs that can be elastically deformed. They are used in designs that have a short spring travel. Due to their plate-shaped design, they can accommodate high loads and only deform slightly. They are used when a high force is to be exerted on a small area or when large spring force is required with a small spring travel.


The functions of a disc spring

They are an integral part of many machines and devices. They play a crucial role in absorbing and storing mechanical energy. When a force acts on the disc spring, it deforms and stores energy in the form of tension. When the strength weakens, it releases the stored energy and returns to its original form. It can be used alone or in a stack with other disc springs to achieve the desired spring force and spring characteristic.


The different areas of application for disc springs

Disc springs are used, among other things. in the automotive industry, where they are used in clutch and brake systems. In mechanical engineering, for example, they are used in CNC machines and ensure constant force to fasten workpieces in the chuck. They are also used in electrical engineering. Here they are used, for example, in electrical switches and relays.


iglidur Polysorb disc springs meet DIN 2093 and EN 16983

DIN 2093 has been replaced by a European standard EN 16983 with identical content. This standard specifies the quality requirements and dimensions for disc springs. iglidur Polysorb disc springs meet EN 16983 (formerly DIN 2093).

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