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Electrostatically discharging 3D printed components

iglidur® i8-ESD is an electrostatically dissipative SLS material for long-lasting, abrasion-resistant 3D printing components. It is ideal for applications where ESD specifications are essential for avoiding damage to electronic components and manufacturing anti-static parts for machines that require ATEX certification.
New product: iglidur® i9-ESD has a lower conductivity than iglidur i8-ESD, which prevents unwanted discharge currents between sensitive electrical components. This makes it particularly suitable for electronic connectors.
In addition to its antistatic specifications, iglidur i8-ESD and i9-ESD are also characterised by their outstanding rigidity, as a result of which the parts are deformed to a lesser degree than other materials under the same load.
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iglidur i8-ESD

  • Contact resistance 104 to 107ohms x cm
  • SLS powder can be processed on all regular SLS systems
  • Available in 2kg containers for processing on low-cost systems with and without CO2 lasers
  • Manufacturing time of components in the 3D printing service: 7-10 days
More about iglidur i8-ESD in the material shop

New: iglidur i9-ESD

  • Contact resistance 106 to 109ohms x cm
  • Medium conductivity for the production of highly sensitive electronic components
  • SLS powder can be processed on all regular SLS systems
  • Manufacturing time of components in the 3D printing service: 7-10 days
More about iglidur i9-ESD in the material shop
Electrostatically dissipative (ESD) gripper

Free sample component

Order a 3D-printed sample gripper made of iglidur i8-ESD free of charge and take a look at the SLS material.
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Calculate ESD gear service life

Service life calculator

Simply enter the application parameters to determine the expected service life for ESD gears printed in 3D.
To the gear service life calculator
Tech up

Tech up

  • Electrostatically dissipative (ESD)
  • Contact resistance:
    iglidur i8-ESD 104 to 107ohms x cm
    iglidur i9-ESD 106 to 109 ohms x cm
  • Excellent service life - for example, a pivoting abrasion resistance factor of 2 to PA12
  • Can be processed on regular laser sintering systems
  • Suitable for explosion risk areas and ATEX certification
  • Reworking, grinding and
    chemical smoothing with the online 3D printing service
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
cost down

Cost down

  • No minimum order quantity, no
    tool costs
  • No machine failure: predictable gear service life
  • Delivery time: three days outbound
  • Component entirely black, no additional dyeing necessary
  • Compare prices online immediately


  • ESD properties are essential, particularly in the electronics industry, for avoiding damage to electronic components
  • Also interesting for all other industries in which avoiding electrostatic charges is important
  • 3D printing put to the test
  • ESD specification test report


  • No lubrication necessary
  • Can be recycled
  • 3D printing: low material requirements, since there is no waste or sprue

Tested! iglidur® I8-ESD wear test

iglidur® I8 wear test

Pivot wear 2MPa 0.01m/s

Vertical axis: wear rate [µm/km]
iglidur® I8 wear test

Linear wear: 1 Mpa 0.1m/s stroke 5mm

Vertical axis: wear rate [µm/km]

Further wear-resistant ESD components from igus

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