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3D printing materials for maximum service life in moving applications

Wear-resistant 3D printing materials

Wear-resistant parts with considerably improved wear resistance compared to standard 3D printing materials are manufactured using special filaments and SLS powder from igus®. Further benefits at a glance:


Similar wear-resistant properties to classic injection moulded parts made of iglidur®

More than 30 years of experience in the development of high-performance plastics for moving applications

Tested in the company's own laboratory

3D printing service - simple, fast & with full cost transparency, in as little as 24 hours

Tested strength when compared to machined and injection-moulded parts

Up to 50 x higher abrasion resistance

Test parameters
wear test swivelling

Surface pressure: 1MPa

Surface speed: 0.01m/s

Pivoting angle: 60°

Duration: four weeks

Shaft materials: CF53 and 304 SS

Test result:
the pivot test shows that the abrasion resistance of the iglidur® filament is up to 50 times higher than the standard 3D printing materials (e.g. ABS).

Table Y = Wear rate [μm/km]
A = ABS printed B = iglidur® I180 printed C = iglidur® I170 printed D = iglidur® J260 printed E = iglidur® J260 injection-moulded

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Special filaments

Special filaments: up to 50 times more abrasion resistant than standard materials

Excellent wear behaviour

Tested service life

Low coefficient of friction

For prototypes or low volume production.

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SLS plastic

SLS plastic: three times more abrasion-resistant than standard materials

Wear-resistant and low coefficient of friction

Good mechanical properties

Detail accuracy with precise surfaces

Can be processed in a similar way to commercially available SLS materials

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3D printing service

Simply, fast & and with full cost transparency - allow us to print your 3D printed parts.


3D print filament impresses during tests with injection moulding quality

3D-printed injection moulding tools

Cost-effective and custom-made components with 3D-printed injection moulding tools.

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