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Final paper supported at igus®

This stylish roller was designed and built by Nicolas Schrader as part of his final paper at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Mr Schrader not only won us over and convinced us of his project but also his professor who gave his final paper a very good grade.
His idea: an electric scooter with innovative steering kinetics. The graduate spent countless hours completing his scooter. The result of all this work is an electric scooter that weights less than 5 kilograms including battery and motor.
The igus® plain bearings and rod ends used not only convinced him with their lubrication and maintenance-free properties but in particular with their light weight properties.

igubal® KARM rod ends are used in the steering mechanism. Various sizes of iglidur® JFM plain bearings are located in the rear wheel and swing arm pivot. The lubrication-free bearing means that there is no danger of the driver's clothing becoming soiled or dirt collecting on the scooter.



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