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drylin® SHT - Product range

Trapezoidal threads

With the trapezoidal thread-driven linear table options, the drylin® SHT product portfolio offers various solutions for many requirements.

Steep thread

drylin® linear tables with steep thread offer very high travel speeds at low rotary speeds. Thereby pitches up to 100 mm per revolution are implemented. The lubricant-free plastic nuts made of iglidur® J thereby run against cold-rolled stainless steel spindles. An interesting alternative to toothed belt axes, especially in the rapid handling of small parts.

Adjustable radial clearance

The "turn-to-fit" feature allows individual clearance adjustment by hand. The advancement is done in 0.01 mm increments, and cannot accidentally loosen during operation (SLW type series 10-20).


The optional axial pretension reduces the backlash of the system. Positioning accuracy and repeatability can be optimized. The required drive torque is increased only slightly.

Right-left and reverse

In addition to the standard right-handed lead screws, left-hand thread lead screws and counter lead screws can also be used. This option often used in format adjustments can be specified for all diameters and type series.



Shaft materials

When using linear axes of the SHT type series, one can select from the shaft materials - steel, stainless steel, or hard anodized aluminum (standard). The short delivery time and excellent coefficients of friction and wear make the aluminum version the most widely used standard.

Trapezoidal thread spindle materials

Steel and stainless steel versions are available for the trapezoidal threaded spindles. Solutions with hard-coated aluminum spindles are also available on request. Steep threaded spindles and metric threaded rods are always made ​​of stainless steel. The spindle ends are tapered up to the spindle diameter of 14 mm. On request, pins or special machining can be added.

High helix lead screw nuts

Steep thread spindle materials

All steep threaded spindles are made of stainless steel. Compared to trapezoidal thread, the steep thread displays significantly higher pitches. So, higher travel speeds are possible, but at a higher drive torque compared to the trapezoidal thread. Available diameter and pitch: 8 x 15, 10 x 12, 10 x 50, 18 x 100.

Fast Forward

SHT linear tables and SHTP plastic linear tables with quick release mechanism offer a combination of accurate positioning and quick manual adjustment.