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Up to 17% saving on the drive power - cables: jacket and insulating materials

"chainflex®" cables specially for energy chains can also directly help to reduce energy consumption. As a result of the latest igus® tests, conservative calculations show that high quality jacket and insulating materials - depending on the combination of cross-section and cables - allow between 5 and 30 percent of weight to be saved. With the result that the power demand of the drives can be reduced by 17 percent.
On the one hand, optimized jacket mixtures, designed for use in energy chains, enable a low abrasion resistance to be achieved. Secondly, high quality jacket materials can be extruded with particularly thin walls, which saves up to 18 percent weight compared with conventional cables. Just two factors, therefore, which can be used to reduce the required drive power.
On top of that is the matter of insulating materials: Particularly high quality materials allow much higher currents to be produced with the same electrical cross-sections, or conversely the cross-sections can often be reduced without negatively affecting the electrical performance. This makes weight reductions up to 30 percent possible.

Ideal jacket and insulating materials: With chainflex® cables specially for energy chains, like the "CF9" control cable and the "CF34" motor cable used in the test, high weight reductions are possible. That means 17 percent less power demand for the drives.

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Lighter cables due to better insulation/jacket materials

e-chain® weight (400.200.250.0) 4.46 kg/m
Filling with 3 motor cables CF34 and 1 control cable CF9 4.203 kg/m
Chain length axial feed, 30m (equates to 60m travel distance)
Coefficient of friction µ 0.3
Acceleration a 2 m/s²
Speed v 4 m/s
Mass of e-chain system® 259.89 kg
Necessary pull/thrust force to
move the e-chain system®
1284.6 N
Necessary max. power to move the e-chain system® 5.14 kW
Reduction in the power required approx. 16%

Reduce weight by using high quality jacket materials

PVC cable CF5.15.12 320 kg/km
TPE cable CF9.15.12 265 kg/km (-17%)

Comparable competitor 295 kg/km
TPE cable CF9.15.12 265 kg/km (-10%)

Reduce weight by using high quality insulating materials
CF5.60.04 (max. 44A) 360 kg/km
CF9.40.04 (max. 41A) 195 kg/km
With only 3 amps less current, save 46% weight

Comparable competitor (44A) 396 kg/km
CF9.40.04 (max. 41A) 195 kg/km
With only 3 amps less current, save 51% weight

Reduce weight on the assumption that the drive power can be reduced due to lower total load on the chain and lower friction forces
CF35.UL.100.04 672 kg/km
CF35.UL.60.04 428 kg/km (-36%)


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