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Space-saving energy supply for gate systems

Space-saving "micro flizz" energy supply system for safety strips on door systems

Each aircraft hangar is equipped with a high-quality gate. Whether Airbus or Boeing, private or military aircraft: it is always a customised solution, meticulously planned and executed. Since safety requirements get constantly more stringent in highly complex systems, gates are being equipped with closing edge safety systems more and more frequently. Special energy supply systems ensure smooth information transmission to keep people and property safe in emergencies.


  • What was needed: micro flizz energy chain, chainflex cables
  • Requirements: what was needed was a cable guide that was tough and could withstand rain, snow, fog, frost and heat. It also has to operate in extremely confined spaces.
  • Industry: aerospace, aviation industry
  • Success for the customer: since the upper and lower runs of the energy chain run separately, friction and wear are minimised. The compact, space-saving system is closed at the top and offers protection against dirt and dust. The use of the energy chain pays off, so that the system is now always installed in the telescopic doors.

Gate system Amongst other things, the micro flizz energy supply system is used in revolving doors. It has proven better compared to busbar systems, which require a lot of maintenance, and conductor lines, which are insecure.


Butzbach GmbH Industrietore is the market leader in Europe with well over 500 special gates installed. The specialist implements individual solutions for industry and aviation of all sizes, whereby each gate is a special construction. There are sliding gates with individually movable gate wings, telescopic gates and revolving gates - each with or without electric drive. Due to safety concerns, each gate panel should usually be individually equipped with a closing edge safety device. A continuous connection is necessary so that the information from the individual closing edge safety devices can run from gate panel to gate panel. As the nominal voltage of safety technology is usually 24V, busbar systems or conductor cables are at a disadvantage here. The sliding contacts or copper tracks on the rails hanging outdoors fog up/corrode due to environmental influences and malfunctions occur. For this reason, a cable connection is required for which a suitable cable guide must be used. It had to be tough and able to withstand rain, snow, fog, frost and heat.
Initially, Butzbach GmbH used a normal standard busbar system for data transmission, which, however, only functioned to a limited extent and was susceptible. The first complaints came after a year at the latest. The fault was with the rail. It was not flexible enough in the carriage area. Added to this are the extremely tight space conditions on site, which have made assembly or repair considerably more difficult.


Especially with the space-saving telescopic system, which is being used more and more often, the special micro flizz energy supply systemhas been proving its worth for years. It is an energy chain solution for horizontal applications that supplies energy to a moving consumer via a rolling or sliding carriage. It runs in a compactly built aluminium guide channel that separates the upper and lower runs of the chain. The reduced force minimises friction and wear. The compact, space-saving system is closed at the top and offers protection against dirt and dust.
The energy supply system is attached to the driven gate panel. The information of the individual closing edge safety devices is 'looped through' from gate panel to gate panel and connected to the gate control unit. If a closing edge is triggered, the control system reacts immediately, the motor shuts down at once and the entire gate stops. It is then reversed and moves back approx. 1m so that the obstacle is released.
Although a classic standard conductor line is more cost-effective in principle, it does not achieve the required level of reliable data transmission. Due to the requirements on site - tough, very narrow, small and pure information transmission - the use of the micro flizz energy chain is worthwhile, so that the system is now always installed in the telescopic gates.
We also supply the cables directly. Due to the low speed of 0.25m/s and the infrequent travel frequency, the gate specialist was able to cut back on the bend radii of the bend-resistant chainflex cables used for information transmission. It was also possible to put more cables in the energy chain.

"Here [in the gate systems], due to the relatively low mechanical stress, we can not only place more cables in the energy chain, but also reduce the bending radius from factor 5 to factor 3 in consultation with the igus technicians. And the cables still function perfectly. So far, there have been no failures at all."
Thomas Ruf, Head of Design at Butzbach GmbH Industrietore

micro flizz Compactly built: energy supply system for the safety edge on door systems
micro flizz The micro flizz system: as soon as the energy chain bends in the radius, side panels lie flat. The chain can leave the groove and lay down freely.
micro flizz In the micro flizz, the upper and lower run are separated from each other to save weight. The system allows speeds of up to 6m/s in continuous operation.

"micro flizz" installed in reverse

With the industrial gates and the cable guidance solution, the focus was of course on operational safety. Today, Butzbach GmbH has set a standard that is valid and is only adapted to the respective plant. The micro flizz system of the MF08 series with pre-assembled chainflex cables is therefore used as standard in sliding gates. It usually covers all requirements and has proven itself from the beginning. The specialist for industrial gates has left nothing to chance in the planning and offers its customers an economical solution that simultaneously meets the highest safety standards.
For door systems that require additional cables for the safety technology in addition to the classic power supply, the energy chain with double chain strand was used. With the help of the igus salesperson in charge, a conclusive solution was found. Despite the high filling, the problem could be solved. The micro flizz was mounted in the opposite direction. The power supply runs in one direction, while the control technology is covered in the other direction. By the way, separating the data and power supply also proves its worth in terms of EMC. Today, the customer presses a button on the wall and his gate system moves into the desired position.

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