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igus® E6 energy chains in use at Strohmann GmbH

High-speed sheet feeder makes high demands on energy supply

The Strothmann GmbH is known as a specialist for the handling of sheet blanks. Their plants are used worldwide in the pressing plants of almost all reputed automobile manufacturers. With the utilization of the linear motor technology, Strothmann has now set new standards in performance and speed. Correspondingly high demands are made on energy supply, in which area the company has set up a collaboration with igus®

Enormous leap in performance

With the utilization of the linear motor technology, Strothmann has recently been able to clearly raise the dynamics of the blank loader. Speeds up to 6 m/s are attained in the horizontal axis, which is almost double the speed of a feeder with belt drive - and 2 m/s in the vertical axis, and that at load capacities up to 250 kg. The acceleration with up to 20 m/s² is around two times that of a conventional feeder. By the high horizontal speeds and the elimination of the toothed belt, the feeder can also bridge very long distances quickly, resulting in entirely new layout potentials for the plant. For the sheet feeder of a cutting press, Strothmann designed and supplied a blank loader that gets by with a normal operation cycle of 2 to 2.50 meters when laying the blanks on the band. In tooling replacement, the axis however covers 13 meters. Such travel distances are not possible with belt drives at high precision and dynamics.

Strothmann GmbH, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock Handling unit of the blank loader with linear drive
The energy chains for the horizontal axis are accommodated at the front of the handling unit.

High dynamics: E6 energy supply system

These options can however only be utilized when the energy supply is aligned with the high speed and acceleration values and a continuous, reliable supply of energy, compressed air, coolant and control information can be provisioned over large distances. Strothmann uses igus® energy chains of the E6 type series, which have stood the test in many highly dynamic applications, in the blank loaders and also in other handling systems run with linear technology. The Strothmann developers also takes into account the range of the suppliers as the energy chains for the MagShuttle systems should withstand high stressing capacities. As the igus® energy chains offer, as has been proved, a long service even in highly dynamic stressing capacities, they are the right choice for the MagShuttle systems and also for other Strothmann handling systems.

The E6 type series offer numerous other advantages besides the long service life. Thus they are distinguished by an extremely low noise, low vibration operation, and they are for this reason well suited for low-vibration drive concept of the linear motor. The so-called polygon effect, which can occur during the winding of an energy supply system, is reduced to a minimum. The extremely low noise development has been certified by the TÜV Rheinland. The large product range enables the selection of the optimum chain size in each case; the designer can also choose from a large range of possibilities in the interior separation. The same applies to the mounting brackets

Strothmann GmbH, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock The MagShuttle is quicker again if the two handling units with overlapping operating range are placed on one portal axis.

Technical data:

- Speed up to 6 m/s
- acceleration 20 m/s
- travel distance up to 13 m

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