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Unsupported - short travels - optimized noise level

Minimize noise levels with igus® e-chain systems®

The igus® program offers you optimal noise-reduction e-chains®. The table below briefly illustrates the differences in noise level among various e-chains®. In addition to the e-chain®, the running surface, the dynamics and the cable and hose package play a role in overall noise generation. Have our specialists design the quietest e-chain system® for your application.

System T3 ≤ 33 dB(A)

In the development of the new 3-piece, T-shaped band chain "T3", the focus above all was on the high level of noiseless operation. The T3 band chain is particularly flexible and runs "round" due to the special geometry of the side plates. In the igus® laboratory a value of only 33 dB(A) was measured at 1.0 m/s on unsupported lengths for the series T3., with a sound level caused by external noises.

System E3 - low-noise, 38 dB(A)

Long-term tests in the igus® acoustic laboratory showed reductions of 19-20 db(A) compared with standard EnergyChains®, measured at a speed of 1.8 m/s and an acceleration of 3 m/s2. Figure determined in the igus® laboratory in accordance with DIN 45635, taking into consideration background noises, for the Series E3.

System E6 ≤ 46 dB(A)

*A measurement by TÜV Rheinland in May 2002 resulted in a value of ≤ 46 dB(A) at 2m/s and an unsupported length of 1.5 m with Series E6., and that at a sound level of 10 dB(A) caused by external noises.

System E4 - 46 dB(A)

A measurement by the Rhineland Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV Rheinland) for System E4/101, Series indicates a value of 46 dB(A) at 1,5 m/s with an unsupported length.

A reduction of 3 dB(A) sounds like a 50% reduction in the noise level to the human ear

We have received an official comment from the Rhineland Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg) and we are able to provide you with a copy on request

External noise corrected measurement values

System Averaging of the corrected
sound pressure levels
test method
igus® Series T3.29 T3 ≈ 33 dB(A) unsupported 1,0 m/sec.
igus® Series E3.22 E3 ≈ 38 dB(A) unsupported 1,8 m/sec.
igus® Series E6.52 E6 ≈ 46 dB(A) unsupported 2,0 m/sec.
igus® Series 221 E4/00 ≈ 46 dB(A) unsupported 1,5 m/sec.
igus® Series E4.42 E4.1 ≈ 50 dB(A) unsupported 1,0 m/sec.
igus® Series ES4.42 E4.1 ≈ 46 dB(A) unsupported 1,0 m/sec.
Chain 1, third-party product   ≈ 77 dB(A) unsupported 2,0 m/sec.
Chain 2, third-party product   ≈ 68 dB(A) unsupported 2,0 m/sec.
Chain 3, third-party product   ≈ 73 dB(A) unsupported 2,0 m/sec.
Source: TÜV Rheinland, except Series E3.22, Series T2.29 - source: igus® testing

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