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Energy supply assistant

Moving energy made easy!

Configure your complete system online in minutes

igus® offers you numerous online tools to quickly configure and order complete energy supply modules. Of course, we would also be happy to assist you personally at your premises too.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Simple tool-based configuration and simulation
  • Reduce harnessing and assembly time

  • Increase the quality of the entire system
  • Optimisation of the procurement process

Who does what?

Electrical design

Electrical design

Definition of the electrical specifications, type and number of required cables and connectors, if required.

Mechanical design

Mechanical design

Definition of the mechanical requirements of cables and energy chain.

Production Manager


Selection of different assembly and delivery options.



Optimisation of the procurement process

It's simple

Configure complete energy supply systems for short or long travels as well as for hanging applications. Simply select required cables to generate interior separation for your application, enter the specific and ambient parameters of your application, and the energy supply expert tool will propose suitable solutions for your energy supply system.  Start the configuration of your energy supply in the shop for cable sold by the metre or ready-to-connect cables.

Select cable type

Select the desired type of cable in the chainflex® cable shop for cables sold by the metre or in the readycable® cable shop for ready-to-connect cables.

Filter cables

For unharnessed cables you can find the required cable using number of cores and conductor nominal cross section. In the case of ready-to-connect cables, you can choose according to manufacturer standards. Then filter for the required mechanical specifications.

Select suitable cable

With the selection of the appropriate cable, you will receive all the required detailed information. chainflex® cables are also available in various CAE databases.  
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Cables sold by the metre
Select cables for the energy supply system
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Fill the cable pool for the energy supply system
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Fill cable pool

Adjust the desired number and length and add the selected cable to the cable pool by selecting "Add to e-chains® configuration".

Select more cables

After adding a cable, you have the opportunity to switch to the e-chain® expert or to select additional cables in the cable shop.

Go to the Expert

Call up energy supply expert

Your cables are now in the cable pool of the e-chains® expert. Simply enter your application's parameters here and the expert will propose a suitable solution.  

Other cable specifications

Fill in missing information such as cable projections and labels for all cables from the cable pool.

Installation space und mechanical load

Use the mechanical requirements to find a suitable energy chain for the cables.

Select cables for the energy supply system
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Team function
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Team function

With the new Teamwork function, you can forward the current status of your configuration to a colleague at any time. The configuration can be continued and forwarded or also sent back.

Configuration workflow

For checking and approval, you can send your configuration to an igus® employee, who will check the configuration and then approve it or return it to you with comments for you to consider.
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Cables sold by the metre

Harnessed and assembled by igus®

Our ready-to-connect harnessed energy chains reduce the number of purchasing options, parts list items, number of contact persons and the installation effort to a minimum. This avoids unnecessary storage space and waste of resources. They create optimal interfaces and increase your competitive advantage. They optimise your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel parts, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components.  

Plug 'n' Play energy supply modules

  • Minimal logistics effort: One system, one part number
  • 95% less harnessing time
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Less machine downtime
  • On-site installation - international service with 35 subsidiaries
  • Special designs are possible – igus® develops further components
  • System guarantee possible