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Tech up, & Cost down with igubal® plastic spherical bearings

Determine your personal savings potential NOW*

Tech up, Cost down with igubal® plastic spherical bearings

Cost down

Cost down

Always the most cost-effective spherical bearing that works.
With igubal spherical bearings.

Overengineering is a thing of the past. The best spherical bearing does not have to be the most expensive one.
Determine the spherical bearing with the best price-performance ratio for your application in a flash.


Service life calculation for igubal® spherical bearings



Calculate service life quickly and easily online

In just a few minutes, determine how long our spherical bearings will last in your application – and then select the spherical bearing with the best price-performance ratio. Individually designed for your application.  

Calculate the service life now

▲ Tech up


Completely self-lubricating

Eliminating lubrication and oils means no danger of resinification or formation of a paste-like mixture. The lubrication incorporated into the tribologically optimised spherical bearing materials also ensure even lubrication across the entire service life.

Maintenance-free spherical bearings for electric wheelchairs
igubal® spherical bearings are lubrication-free
Spherical bearings for the smallest installation space


Space-saving & easy to install

A plastic plain bearing spherical ball in a housing adapted to it gives each igubal® spherical bearing a very compact design. This allows a full-fledged bearing to be used in a very small installation space and to be assembled and disassembled in very tight spaces.

Simple installation in the solar industry

Save up to 80% weight

igubal® polymer spherical bearings weigh up to 80% less than comparable metallic bearings. For example, there is thus less mass to move, reducing energy consumption. The bearings are thus ideal for applications in which lightweight design is important.

Weight reduction in a helicopter load system
Weight saving of up to 50%

▼ Cost down

Lubrication-free igubal® plastic spherical bearings


Up to 78% more cost-effective than comparable metal solutions

Our plastic spherical bearings distinguish themselves from their metallic counterparts not only with their technical advantages, such as elimination of lubrication and freedom from rust, but also in price (up to 78% more cost-effective).

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Do you need other cost comparisons for spherical bearings made of plastic and metal to determine your savings potential? We advise you! It's our job!


∎ Lightweight and high load capacity

"A single property is critical: because high-strength igus® bearings can be made of plastic, they are extremely lightweight – and when you're building an ultralight aircraft, literally every gramme counts. “
Jürgen Ostermeier | Founder of B. O. T. Aircraft GmbH

Quick and convenient: SpeedCruiser SC 07 ultralight by B.O.T. Aircraft GmbH


No lubrication necessary

Our spherical bearings require not a drop of lubricating oil. Not only our users, but also the environment profit from this. In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less abrasion, as a result of which less energy is needed.

Tribologically optimised plastics at igus®

Tech up. Cost down. Change now!

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