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Heavy Plastics - offshore applications

40 years' experience

igus® is a specialist in the area of plastic research and can look back on 40 years of experience here. Specially developed high-performance plastics enable the use of igus® e-chain systems® in almost all application areas. Damp, dirt, chips, heat, cold, we have the solution for every requirement and do not use any steel or other metals in our e-chain® materials. In an increasing number of heavy duty areas, steel systems are being successfully replaced by igus® plastic e-chains® due to their exceptional suitability.

State your requirements and we fulfil them:


Cost-efficient, modular design

Long life at minimum maintenance costs

Resistance against dirt, chemicals and high temperatutres

Proven, tested material with igus® system garantee

Low weight with high stability

TÜV certified

That is only a few points that we consider when selecting and designing your "heavy-duty system". See all the things for yourself that are possible in the heavy-duty area with igus® - plastics for longer life®.

Examples in offshore application

Cantilever Skid

3000HP Modular offshore drill rig cantilever and drill floor skid

Drill floor skid

2000HP Jack Up Rig Cantilever and Drill Floor Skid 800 and E4.112 Series e-chains®

Drag chain

igus® 600 Series e-chains® can carry a fill weight of 267kg per metre


540° rotary module inside the bridge platform to allow the pivoting movement. The e-chain® series E4.1 for energy guidance (including fire extinguishing water) of the extendible telescopic unit of the bridge.

Gantry crane

Long travels with opposing e-chains® on gantry cranes for risers on drill ships, semi-submersibles and drilling platforms. Complete systems with trough modules and chainflex® cables.

FPSO Mooring turret

The rotation module on the winch of the Riser Pull-In System with mooring turret.

Pipelay vessel

Pipe layers and welding equipment inside a pipelay vessel. The igus® e-tube series has been designed to protect cables from damage by hot chips.

Pipe Laying Tower

To guide the cable and hose pack of the chain tensioner, welding equipment and crane

Retractable thruster

Nested igus® E4.1 e-chains® with a small bending radius due to very flexible chainflex® cables fit in the minimal installation space of the drives.

Special strain relief

Nested igus® E4.1 e-chains® with a small bend radius due to very flexible chainflex® cables fit in the minimal installation space of the drives.

Deep drilling rig

400t Top Drive with 35m travel. Two 600 Series ESD version e-chains®, mounted beside the Top Drive on the mast.

Top drive

Deep drilling rig with a very small profile and a top drive capacity of 500t. Pipe handling with an E4.1 ESD chain, guides hydraulic and data cables

Pipe handling equipment

Pipe handling equipment on the drilling tower for the horizontal handling of the drill string to equip the finger board and to operate the top drive.

Multi purpose tower

Vertical travel on a "Multi Purpose Tower" on a drilling vessel. Enclosed e-chainsystems® with 40m travel to operate finger board and top drive.

Pipe handling

igus® E4.1 Series e-chains® on the drilling equipment of the vessel including horizontal and vertical pipe handling.

Heavy-duty crane

Made according to customer's design and delivered ready to install for 450° rotation angle in a knuckle boom crane

Leg encircling crane

900° Multi-rotation module (MRM) on the leg encircling crane of an installation vessel. Ideal and reliable guidance of fibre optic and other data cables to control the cameras on the crane.

Knuckle boom crane

Rotary systems for offshore knuckle boom cranes with 540° angle of rotation

Rack & pinion top drives

Energy supply to rack and pinion lifting equipment for top drive systems.

Offshore application examples of "riser pull in systems"

Movable anchor winch for FPSOs with ATEX/ESD-compliant energy chains of the E4.1 ESD series.

Sheerleg cranes

Long travels of 50 metres and more with igus® HD roller chains on sheerleg cranes.

Sludge processing

World's biggest polymer energy chain: Being many times lighter than comparable steel chains it easily moves over 100 kg of filling per meter.

Self-stabilizing platform "Ampelmann“

This platform, which has been given the name “Ampelmann”, is used on the open sea.

Ship unloading crane

Application of e-chain® systems in ship unloader

Ship unloader

441 m travel: Reduction of tensile forces by about 75%.

Underwater boring machine

Series CF27.D servo cables in underwater applications.

Offshore industry

High pressure hydraulic hoses + power cables. Extreme weather environment but this chain delivers and delivers.

Offshore industry

Tube handling plant provides an igus® plastic e-chain®. e-chain® ensures high stability and reliability in pipehandling.

OpenHydro tidal turbine

A plastic chain makes any kind of maintenance on the open sea obsolete; a conventional metal chain would not be adequate for the combination of technical, climatic and mechanical requirements.


The service boats of a wind farm operator are prepared for use at this pontoon in Barrow-in-Furness, Great Britain.


This penetrometer is used for soil analysys in the deep sea.


The bearings reliably transmit the high radial centering forces with low friction and free of stick-slip and minimize the arm system's friction through their integrated start-up.

Rust-free roller chain

The maintenance-free polymer bearings are used in rust-proof roller chains, which are employed to drive main and auxiliary equipment.

Oil platform

drylin® plastic plain bearings in an inspection device for offshore drilling riser

Drill rig

The drill rig is designed to take core samples from the seabed at 3000m water depth. It is a scientific instrument...

Subsea ROVs

A tether management system (TMS) has various pivot, linear and rotary motion points. It works like a subsea parking point...

Offshore application

A lifting and lowering device for the blades of naval vessels has been developed.

More examples for difficult and extreme applications

Norway. Upright application for Aker Kværner Maritime Hydraulics AS.
Pre-assembled for the semi-submersible platform West Edrill.

Germany. Decommissioning Karlsruhe research reactor. The dismantling of a nuclear power plant with a zigzag chain.

Czech Republic. Lhoist a.s. modular principle steel construction in lime works.

Czech Republic. Enclosed e-chain system® directly on coal conveyor.

Czech Republic. Porici company CEZ a.s. power supply for coal transportation.

Czech Republic. Ventilation machine in underground storage facility of a power station.

Midland Bricks in Australia is the largest brick manufacturer in the world! Three e-chains® have been in operation round the clock since 2003 and still look the same as on the first day.

Maanshan steel and ironworks: High temperatures, large loads, a lot of dust and high speed.

voestalpine Stahl Donawitz: High level of dirt during descaling of the rails to be milled.

Slovakia, aluminium works. Error-free operation for 9 years. Distance 62 m, speed 0,3 m/s.

Czech Republic. Ventilation machine in lime works.

Germany. BASF in Ludwigshafen, scraper for fertilizer, since 1998, e-chain®: 4040.32.250.0

Austria, Niklasdorf, ABV, district heating plant

RTG in India, distance: 22m, e-chain®: 5050.30.550.0, customer: Kalmar, for ATM

Plaster dust

Quayside crane with igus® e-chain systems®. Long distances up to 800 m are possible.

Norway: e-chain® with chainflex® in a truck wash. In contact daily with street dust and mud. chainflex® cables perform exceedingly well.

Shagang, steel and ironworks in China. High temperatures, high speeds, heavy dust.

Czech Republic. CEZ a.s. modular system for supplying power to a coal excavator.

Long distance in a bulk goods storage facility

Crane builder Noell in Panama. Application: RTG; distance: 19,5 m; up to 60 m/min.

Czech Republic. Shipyard Kresice-Loubi; refuelling point for cargo ships.

Compost mud

Meishan steel and iron works, Nanjing in China. Crane, heavy dust, high tempo.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.