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Leightweight, rustproof and cost-effective motion plastics®

Marine technology ... less cost

Lightweight, rustproof and cost-effective motion plastics® for shipbuilding

Tried and tested in numerous applications on the high seas: energy chain systems and plain bearings from igus® withstand the toughest environments. They are extremely reliable and fail-safe in shipyards, on deep sea crane ships and working vessels or shore power applications in ports.
Our solutions are:

Maintenance-free, lubrication-free

Strong, yet lighter than steel

Resistant to corrosion, seawater, chemicals and UV rays

Suitable for use in extreme temperatures

Easy installation, flexible, modular

With predictable service life

e-chains® and cables for shipbuilding

e-chain® E4.1  
Strong and maintenance-free

Almost all applications are possible with this e-chain®.

chainflex® cables  
Fail-safe cables

Worldwide No. 1 in terms of choice, testing and guarantee

Moving energy made easy

Ready-to-install e-chainsystems® and harnessed cables

Rotary module  
For fast rotating applications

Integrated strain relief and cable guides in guide trough

terchain® technology  
Rugged, quiet, for high loads

energy chains for circular movements up to 540°. Quick cable replacement

twisterband HD  
Rotary movements in minimum space

Stable pin/hook connection for high load and long service life

Bearing technology for the shipbuilding

drylin® W ES  
Modular linear system

Combination of lubricant-free Tribo-polymers and corrosion-proof stainless steel

drylin® R ES  
Lubrication-free and corrosion-free

Round guide systems made of stainless steel and sliding elements made from Tribo-polymers

iglidur® PRT ES  
Maintenance-free and easily installed

Rotary tables as stainless steel version V4A

DNV-GL certificate  
Certified reliability

403 Cable types with DNV GL certification

chainflex® guarantee  
Predictable reliability

Guarantee of 36 months or 10 million double strokes on all cables*

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Application examples

From the shipbuilding and offshore sector


Eight gantry cranes connected in series travel a total length of 180 m with plastic energy chains.


Boat cranes

iglidur plain bearings defy salt water, high loads and UV radiation. Additional lubricants are unnecessary and the bearings are therefore environmentally friendly.

Boat cranes    

Mooring system for sail and motor yachts

High load capacity and durable

Mooring system for sail and motor yachts    

Marine lift for water vehicles for leisure purposes

Corrosion-proof in sea water

Marine lift for water vehicles for leisure purposes    

Underwater boring machine

Series CF27.D servo cables in underwater applications.

Underwater boring machine    

Ship loader

Since the ship loader started operations in 2000, no troubles, either mechanical or in the cables, have occurred in the energy chain area.

Ship loader    

3D flow distributor

Ball bearing assemblies are very precarious due to the lubricant particularly under water. Stainless steel guidances cannot be considered due to the high costs. Plastic is used also for hygienic reasons.

3D flow distributor    

Outboard motor

The "Mercruiser Six" is designed for high speed racing boats.

Outboard motor    

Boat motor
lifting device

Boat motor lifting device and inner boom roll-up device equipped with plastic plain bearings.

Boat motor  lifting device    

Rust-free roller chain

The maintenance-free polymer bearings are used in rust-proof roller chains, which are employed to drive main and auxiliary equipment.

Rust-free roller chain    

Ship fittings

Now freedom from corrosion is an important argument for the application of iglidur® G plain bearings in ship fittings.

Ship fittings    

Solar energy on a sailing boat

For protection against outdoor influences the connection cables of the solar cell were mounted in an E2 micro energy chain.

Solar energy on a sailing boat    

Helicopter hangar for ships

Telescope type deploying and retracting of a hangar at sea.

Helicopter hangar for ships    
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Additional information

* Guaranteed for 36 months or 10 million double strokes (up to 5 million double strokes for cables in the chainflex® M line). Whichever comes first. The number of double strokes depends on the type of installation and cable quality. This is described in the current catalogue, in the data sheets and in the service life calculator at