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improve what moves

175 News '22

Finally being among people again at exhibitions, with 175 news in the bag, we are particularly looking forward to this year. In addition to innovations for the cleanroom, energy chains and bearings made from 100% recycled material, we also have something completely new off the shelf: the carbon footprint of our most popular bearings in the online shop.

The new products will be on show on 30 May at the Hannover Messe. If you don't want to wait that long, you can already take a look at everything that's new here on the website  or take part in an online tour at our trade fair show stand in Cologne or in the catalogue: 

Have fun discovering what we have in store for you. And as always, if you don't find something you need, talk to us. Finding new ways to improve what moves - that's our thing.


Energy chains

22 news for e-chains in detail


11 news for chainflex cables in detail

Harnessed systems

7 news for readychain and readycable in detail

smart plastics

11 news for smart plastics in detail

Plain bearings

10 news for iglidur plain bearings in detail


7 news for iglidur gears in detail

drylin innovation

Linear technology

19 news for drylin linear technology in detail

Lead screw technology

9 news for dryspin lead screw technology in detail

Drive Technology

4 news for drylin drive technology in detail


6 news for drylin E motors in detail

Low Cost Automation

12 news for LCA in detail

3D printing

6 news for iglidur 3D printing in detail

Bar stock

6 innovations for iglidur bar stock in detail

Slewing ring bearings

7 detailed innovations for iglidur PRT

Pillow block and fixed flange bearings

7 news for igubal in detail

Ball bearings

10 news for xiros ball bearings in detail

Sustainable ...

... with eco-products made from recycled plastic

News catalogue 2022

Our news catalogue is available as a PDF (Bearing technology  | e-chain systems

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Sustainability at igus®

Factory behind grass

Sustainability from production to application and recycling. Read about what we do at igus®.

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