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Clean ribbon cable e-skin® flat

Modular principle for ISO class 1 applications – flat cable guidance system with stranded structure

► Modular and compact design
► Replace cables quickly
► IPA classification: EN ISO Class 1 to DIN 14644-1 for e-skin® flat, Report IG2102-1212
► UL-certified complete system
► High reliability due to coordinated stranded structure CFCLEAN
► Available from stock

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For cleanroom applications: IPA tested, ISO Class 1 certified, particle-free guaranteed

Variants and sizes of flat ribbon cable e-skin® flat


e-skin® flat cable guidance system ► For technical details
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e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Inner height: 12mm
  • Outer height: 13mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Openable
  • Without support chain
► For technical details
Configure e-skin flat here


e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Inner height: 15mm
  • Outer height: 16mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Closed version
  • No suitable support chain available
► For technical details
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e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Design: enclosed
  • UL certified complete system
  • Inner height: 12mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Cable ≤ ø: 2 - 6mm
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e-skin® flat cable guidance system
  • Design: enclosed
  • UL certified complete system
  • Inner height: 12mm
  • Number of chambers: 2 - 6
  • Cable ≤ ø: 13mm
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NEW: e-skin flat ESD

e-skin flat ESD
  • With conductive material
  • Modular design, single pods can be connected
  • No further shielding of ESD-sensitive parts necessary
  • Faster, easier replacement of the filling
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Benefits: Increase overall equipment effectiveness and achieve higher yields

Ribbon cable e-skin flat Modular and compact structure
Change cables in minutes in case of failure, no fused cables. Easy visual inspection of the cables.
Ribbon cable e-skin flat Resource-saving system
Individual modules can be connected to form wider systems. In the event of damage, only individual elements can be replaced.
Ribbon cable e-skin flat Highest cleanroom classification
IPA classification: EN ISO Class 1 according to DIN 14644-1, Report IG2102-1212, UL-certified complete system and winner of the Reiner award 2021.
Ribbon cable e-skin flat Tested service life
Over 81 million double strokes and with up to 4-year guarantee. Tested with the utmost care in our own cleanroom laboratory and by the Fraunhofer Institute.
Ribbon cable e-skin flat High reliability
Thanks to the specially coordinated chainflex CFCLEAN stranded structure. No bending of the system due to stubborn jacketed cables and no reset forces.
Ribbon cable e-skin flat Fast delivery
Delivery with no minimum order quantity without any minimum quantity surcharge. No gluing or fixed configuration, etc. Changes are possible at any time. Configure ribbon cable now.

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Be inspired - Examples from the field

Automation technology

Ribbon cable e-skin flat in automation technology Weiss GmbH is specialised in the development and manufacture of components for automation technology and a leader in the field of rotary indexing tables and wanted to find a cable feed-through up to the middle of a tool that could hold two sensor cables and two hoses, each with a diameter of four millimetres. The solution: the clean e-skin flat ribbon cable from igus. Service life over 57 million double strokes.

Volume Pattern Generator (VPG) systems

Ribbon cable e-skin flat in automation technology The e-skin flat ribbon cable convinced Heidelberg Instruments and is used in Volume Pattern Generator systems. This compact system allows very small bend radii and is resistant to wear and abrasion during movement so that it can be used in cleanrooms - even in multiple layers, as tests by Fraunhofer IPA confirm.

Further technical advantages

  • Can be widened at will, grows with the user's requirements
  • Multi-layer model possible
  • Stackable, width-variable mounting brackets available
  • Fast, flexible exchange of the filling
  • Flexible standard modular system
  • No special production
  • 9dB(A) quieter than standard flat ribbon cables
  • 20% more cost-effective than commercially available cleanroom ribbon cables
  • Unsupported design with support chain option

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Is the e-skin flat ribbon cable approved for cleanroom applications?
Yes, our ribbon cable has been tested with the utmost care by the Fraunhofer Institute and has received the highest cleanroom classification: ISO class 1 according to DIN 14644-1

Is the ribbon cable wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant?
Yes, our ribbon cables are resistant to wear and abrasion

How quiet is the operation of the e-skin flat ribbon cable?
Very quiet 29dB(A)

How long is the service life of the e-skin flat ribbon cable?
According to the current test status, the e-skin flat ribbon cable has a service life of 81 million double strokes.

What is the standard temperature range?
The permissible temperature is between +10°C and +50°C

What is the cleanroom capability of a multi-layer system?
We are also in the highest cleanroom class for multi-layer systems, because a 3-layer system was also certified by the Fraunhofer Institute with ISO class 1 according to DIN 14644.
How many layers can be built on top of each other?
We currently recommend up to six layers on top of each other. However, the mounting bracket that holds the layers together should nevertheless not be higher than it is wide.

Which cables can I use?
For high reliability, we recommend using chainflex CFCLEAN stranded structures as well as other igus cable types. 

How long can the ribbon cable be routed?
With the SKF.S e-skin® flat with support chain, it enables an unsupported travel of up to 3m.

What is the available installation space?
We currently offer installation space from 80mm.

How can I quickly find the right e-skin flat ribbon cable?
With our e-skin flat online configurator you can quickly put together your own ribbon cable with cables using drag & drop.

Is it possible to replace and add cables?
Yes, with our SKF12O ribbon cable that can be opened, cables can be quickly replaced and added.

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