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Ready-to-connect drylin® linear units

Ready-to-connect linear units for your step motor type NEMA 23

Ready-to-connect SAW for step motor

The drylin® series SAW offers ready-to-connect linear axes for your step motor type NEMA-23 of different manufacturers (Berger Lahr, Festo, Gunda, Oriental, Sanyo Denki, etc.). The linear motion is carried out completely free of lubricant.

Threaded drive spindle, ball-bearing mounted

Pitches 2 mm, 3 mm, 12 mm or 50 mm per rotation

Compact design, low weight, high stability

Delivered ready for installation with motor flange and coupling

Optional with adjustable linear bearings and clearance-free, pretensioned carriage

Besides the standard right-handed spindle, left-handed or counter spindles can also be used


Stepper motor (optional)


Motor flange and coupling


Trapezoidal thread 10 x 2, 10 x 3 steep thread 10 x 12, 10 x 50


Threaded nut and linear bearing made of iglidur® J, lubricant-free



Optional: Bearing with Turn-To-Fit-Function Optional: Bearing with Turn-To-Fit-Function

Additional information on motors:

Step motors complement the drylin® linear axes well. They are characterized by their cost effectiveness, precision and ease of control. They operate reliably in a wide variety of ambient conditions (depending on the chosen degree of protection IP). The NEMA standard guarantees good availability worldwide.

NEMA size Flange width (b) Hole spacing (a)  
8 20,00 16,00
11 28,00 23,00
14 35,00 26,00
17 42,00 31,00
23 56,40 47,14
34 86,00 69,50

NEMA refers exclusively to the connecting dimensions of the step motors! Exact values can be had from the relevant motor data sheets.

Order no. Max.
stroke length
static carrying capacity
axial [N] radial [N]
Usually shipped within 15 working days SAW-1040 500 1500 500 2000 Standard linear plain bearings
with lubrication-free
iglidur® J liner
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Usually shipped within 4 weeks SAW-1040-E 500 1500 500 2000 Additionally with manually
adjustable linear plain bearings
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Usually shipped within 15 working days
Usually shipped within 4 weeks