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Test reports of the dryspin® technology

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High efficiency, low wear: high helix threads with dryspin® technology

Lead screw drives are machine elements that convert rotary movement into linear motion (transmission threads). igus high helix and trapezoidal lead screws are available in three different lead screw materials (steel, stainless steel and aluminium) and in combination with more than seven different lead screw nut materials. Friction-optimised iglidur materials allow quick, simple online configuration and ordering of applications that require no lubrication or maintenance. The dryspin technology igus has developed features asymmetrical threads that extend service life and a flat flank angle that enhances efficiency. The geometry of the lead screw nut suitable for the threaded rod is variable, even in the standard item. There are geometries for everything from cylindrical designs to designs with flanges or spanner flats to clearance-reducing lead screw nuts, such as zero-backlash, low-clearance and anti-backlash lead screw nuts.

Wear is an important aspect of parts in moving applications. Wear-resistant polymer such as our iglidur materials are the solution for minimising wear and extending component service life. Their tribological properties make iglidur® materials perfect for all applications in which a good coefficient of friction and very low wear are key.  The largest test laboratory in the industry takes up 3,800m², and igus performs research and development and an extensive series of experiments there. The tribological properties of all materials are tested in various test series in the interest of minimising wear and maintenance intervals. They are particularly low-friction and wear-resistant and ensure lubrication-free, low-maintenance operation. iglidur® polymers offer very good tribological properties, ensuring a longer service life for polymer components.

lead screw technology
lead screw technology
lead screw technology

How many tests are conducted in the test laboratory?

Annually, a large number of tests and material examinations are conducted at the numerous test facilities:

  • More than 15,000 tests, around 4,000 of them for e-chains & chainflex, and around 11,000 for dry-tech 
  • testing: rotating, pivoting, linear, tumbling, heated, underwater , and much more
  • 450 test rigs for bearings
  • 10 billion e-chain cycles
  • 3,500 tested cables
  • 400 customer-specific examinations


What are tribo-polymers?

Tribology is the science of friction and wear. Tribologically optimised polymers are those that exhibit minimal friction behaviour and low wear rates. Base polymers, solid lubricants and reinforcements are combined in our dry-tech products in such a way that the bearings, unlike those made of metal, do not require additional lubrication, all desired characteristics are met and only the slightest friction, heat generation and abrasion occur." - Dr.-Ing. Ralf Selzer, Head of Research and Development of plain bearings

We will test your application, too!

If you do not wish to experiment, but you want to test materials for your application before use, or you have an unusual application and are looking for a suitable solution? No problem. We will test your application in our test lab and will use our expertise to find the best igus® solution for you.

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Wear test: new measurement Ds10x3

igus® dimension testing: dryspin® technology beats competitors and trapezoidal threads

lead screw technology

Test parameter

Load: 50N
stroke: 140mm
speed: 450rpm
Test duration: 150,000 cycles

lead screw technology

Y = wear rate [μm/km]

1. Competition's geometry 10x3/POM + PTFE
2. TR10x3/AISI 304 iglidur® J/injection moulding
3. DS10x3/AISI 304 iglidur® J/injection moulding

lead screw technology

Test result

The evaluation of the wear test for the product with the dimensions 10x3 made of stainless steel showed that our dryspin® thread Ds10x3 can achieve a wear rate up to 25% lower, a service life up to 25% longer and greater efficiency compared to the competition and the trapezoidal thread Tr10x3.

Wear test: dryspin® technology

igus® dryspin® Ds10x25 performs well in both the wear test and the efficiency test

At a customer's request, the motion plastics® specialist igus compared dryspin® Ds10x25 lead screws with two competing products featuring identical high helix thread dimensions. In both in a wear test and an efficiency test, the rail technology products were tested for up to 630,000 cycles.

lead screw technology

Test parameter

Stroke: 140mm
Speed: 100rpm 
Axial load: 200N
Duration: 630,000 cycles
lead screw technology

Y = wear rate [μm/km]

1. Competing geometry 1/ POM + PTFE
2. Competing geometry 2 /POM + PTFE
3.  dryspin® Ds10x25  / iglidur® J/injection moulding

lead screw technology

Test result

Even after 630,000 cycles, the igus® dryspin® nut exhibited significantly lower wear and a higher degree of efficiency than the competing geometries.

Customer-specific designs configurable online

The expert can quickly help engineers find the right lead screw system part for their application and will also predict service life. Finally, order the parts or request further information from us.
The configurator enables engineers to quickly find the right lead screw and machine the pins from both sides. The application generates a dimensioned drawing of the configuration for you. You can then order the lead screw or request further information.

lead screw technology

drylin® lead screw system expert

  • Service life calculation for desired lead screw drive configuration
  • Overview of configuration 
  • PDF download with all details for the desired application
lead screw technology

drylin® lead screw configurator

  • 2D drawing of the configuration generated directly online
  • 3D STEP file, likewise generated directly online
  • Direct price calculation, request quotation online


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