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Improve your technology & reduce costs now with drylin® linear technology

Determine your personal savings potential NOW*
*Whether we are talking about savings in terms of time or money spent on installation, selection, design etc., or about technical improvement in the form of ease of installation, durability etc., if we are unable to show you any savings or technical improvement, we will recommend an alternative solution.

Tech up, Cost down with xiros® plastic ball bearings

Cost down

Cost down

  • Cost-effective production in injection moulding
  • Save time with fast assembly (just seconds)
  • No lubricants necessary

Always the most cost-effective linear guide that works.
With drylin linear technology from igus.

Overengineering is a thing of the past. The best linear guide does not have to be the most expensive one.
Very quickly find the linear guide with the best price/performance ratio for your application.


Service life calculation for drylin® linear technology



Calculate service life quickly and easily online

Take just a few minutes to find out how long our linear technology will last in your application - and then choose the linear technology with the best price/performance ratio. Individually designed for your application.  

Calculate the service life now

▲ Tech up


Do without lubricants completely

For linear technology made of metal, lubrication is indispensable as otherwise it could rust, seize or become severely worn. With our linear technology, which relies on plastic for moving parts, you do not need even a single drop of lubricant. That way, you can benefit from complete freedom from maintenance, high resistance to dirt and significant hygienic standards.

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drylin® linear technology is lubrication-free
Corrosion-free drylin® linear technology


Corrosion? No, thank you!

Plastic linear technology has a crucial advantage over such technology made of metal: it is completely corrosion-free. Even in corrosive environments, drylin linear technology continues to operate quietly and has a long service life - completely without maintenance.

1:1 replacement is possible with igus linear technology – request it here

Save up to 50% weight

Linear technology made of metal is very heavy. But drylin linear technology is very lightweight as it is made of plastic and  aluminium, making it a better alternative for many applications.  Plastic linear technology is often used in the automotive industry and aerospace engineering. Wherever low weight is important, our lightweight plastic linear technology is a good solution.

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Weight saving of up to 50%

▼ Cost down

Corrosion-free drylin® linear technology


Up to 50% more cost-effective than comparable metal solutions

Plastic linear technology stands out from its metal counterpart not only due totechnical advantages,such as freedom from lubrication and corrosion, but also because it is up to  50% more cost-effective.

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Do you need further price comparisons for your linear technology made of metal, plastic or ceramic in order to identify your savings potential? We advise you! It's our job!


∎ Smooth operation decisive

A long service life in 24/7 operation was the requirement for a circulation system for this automated blister packaging centre.  Several hundred patients, who spend seven days in hospital on average, have to be given the correct medicines 24/7, which are packaged individually here.
drylin W profile guides | High helix thread with plastic nut | drylin W linear bearings

igus blister centre

Further customer references
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No lubrication necessary

For our linear technology, you need not a single drop of lubricant. Not only our users, but also the environment profit from this. Furthermore, tribologically optimised plastics show a significantly improved abrasion behaviour when compared to conventional plastics .

Tribologically optimised plastics at igus®

Tech up. Cost down. Change now!

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