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Application examples with iglidur® plain bearings

Outstanding polymer plain bearings for extreme operating conditions of all kinds: iglidur base polymers make them wear-resistant, fibres and fillers ensure maximum load capacity and incorporated solid lubricants make additional lubricants superfluous and the iglidur plain bearings maintenance-free. They have already been tested thousands of times in practice and proven millions of times in applications.

Here, iglidur plain bearings are in use

Attachment system

Cultivation system enables fast weeding

Automated guided vehicle system

Automated guided vehicle system with iglidur plain bearings.

Pulley module

Enables work at a depth of 65 metres for underground railway construction.

Infusion pumps

Clean and maintenance-free plastic plain bearings ensure smooth movement in infusion pumps.

Shock absorber for boat seats

Comfortable sitting even in swells and at high speed

Off-road vehicle

Extremely lightweight, energy-saving and low-maintenance in off-road use.

Solar steam system

iglidur plain bearings are used for the precision bearing.

Grippers for laboratories

Moves sample plates from A to B and enables extremely compact design

Electric vehicle

Reliable bearing points despite dirt and salt water thanks to iglidur plain bearings.

oscillating axle

iglidur plain bearings make maintenance and lubrication superfluous.

Cocktail machine

iglidur plain bearings and xiros ball bearings ensure lubrication-free bearing points.


Maintenance-free bearing points thanks to iglidur plain bearings.

A hoeing machine for weeding

iglidur plain bearings ensure smooth operation in heavy-duty equipment for construction machines.

Robot for underwater inspection

The iglidur plastic bearings make bearing points of an underwater inspection robot free of corrosion and maintenance.

Trabant wheel suspension

This Trabant was retrofitted with maintenance-free iglidur plastic bearings for pivoting movements in the wheel suspension.

Decapping machine

Dry-operating plastic bearings in machines for uncorking and unscrewing bottle caps

Screen adjustment

Plastic plain bearings ensure smooth and hygienic mounting of, for example, pivot arms in hospitals

Pedals for construction and agricultural machines

Lubrication-free plastic bearings ensure smooth pedal movements despite exposure to dust and dirt.


Lubrication-free bearings from igus have been performing reliably for years in harvesters from AGCO Feucht GmbH

Farm loaders

The iglidur plain bearings are used in farm loaders at various locations. Thanks to their specifications, you save costs and time right from the production stage.

Cleaning machine for solar surfaces

The iglidur plain bearings provide maintenance-free and lubrication-free bearing points in a semi-automatic cleaning machine for solar surfaces.

Racing motorcycle

Krämer Motorcycles uses plastic bearings at various bearing points on this racing motorcycle. For example in the link, brake and shifting system.

Aircraft tow bar

Lubrication-free and weather-resistant iglidur plain bearings are used in innovative coupling bars for aircraft handling

Hydraulic cylinder

iglidur plain bearings have excellent coefficients of friction. This is why the company Chapel relies on iglidur materials for their hydraulic cylinders.

Rotary knobs for household appliances

For its premium household appliances, V-Zug relies on wear-resistant iglidur plain bearings to achieve a particularly good tactile feel.

Grab and high dump bucket

The iglidur plain bearings ensure smooth movements in highly stressed equipment for construction machinery

Filling system

Due to special hygiene regulations, this bottling plant must operate free of lubricants. The solution: iglidur J plain bearings.

Straightening technology

Quick, straight, precise: this is how the requirements in sheet metal machining can be summarized. Sophisticated straightening technology makes all this possible.

Veneering machine

Pivoting and rotating under pressure - plastic plain bearings in woodworking.

Technical brushes

A builder of technical brush making machinery known world-wide, uses plain bearings from the igus® product range.

Photovoltaic plants

To ensure that it functions perfectly in wind and weather, polymer plain bearings are used in this photovoltaic system.

Heavy-duty applications for igus® bearings in the field

Lubrication-free iglidur® plain bearings ensure a maintenance-free operation and master high loads in agriculture

Bottling machines

Since the clamping star wheels in this filling line have been equipped with polymer bearings, the service life has almost doubled.

Weaving machines

Gitec uses lubrication-free plastic bearings in an innovative weaving machine, to guarantee clean and maintenance-free processing.

Root ball transplanter

Root ball transplanters are indispensable tools for tree nurseries and for garden and landscaping businesses.

Slurry tankers

Rugged liquid manure tank trucks are used for the economic distribution of biogas manure. In the steered pendular axles, lubricant-free polymer bearings defy all adverse conditions.

Mounted sweepers

Maintenance-free polymer plain bearings for rugged mounted sweepers

Mobile and stationary saw mills

Maintenance-free polymer bearings in mobile and stationary saw mills.

Sausage link cutting machines: Clean, resilient and maintenance-free

Clean, durable, and maintenance-free: polymer plain bearings in the food industry.

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer was constructed with almost no ready-made components.

Fully automatic tire fitting lines

No more expensive repairs

Office chair

Lubrication-free plastic plain bearings make ergonomic office chairs clean and maintenance-free and ensure exceptionally quiet operation.

Centrifugal clutch

This centrifugal clutch with polymer bearings is used in two-stroke racing machines.

igus plain bearings in bottling plants

Minimal wear due to rotative and linear bearing technology in beverage bottling plants of Küppersbusch GmbH.

Prosthetic hand with individual plain bearings made of iglidur® bar stock

The bearings machined from iglidur® J bar stock are corrosion-resistant and have a low wear rate.

Melting probe with iglidur® bar stock

A media-resistant bearing for small installation spaces was made from iglidur® bar stock.

Multihead weigher with iglidur plain bearings and drylin linear technology

Plain and linear bearings from igus® in multihead weighers

Boat cranes

iglidur plain bearings defy salt water, high loads and UV radiation. Additional lubricants are unnecessary and the bearings are therefore environmentally friendly.

Crank Brothers - Premium components

Plastic bearings from igus prove their mettle during the mountain bike ride through fields and meadows.


iglidur® Z plain bearings in a roller coaster at Six Flags Theme Park have significantly reduced costs.

Oil platform

drylin® plastic plain bearings in an inspection device for offshore drilling riser

Sliding blocks for 2-column lifting platform

Maintenance-free and low costs

Rollers for belt deflection in an ironing machine

Low wear and temperature-resistant

Component for a pasta sauce filling machine

Component for sauce filling machine

Mechanically manufactured rollers from iglidur® round bars

Long service life with rollers made of iglidur® round bars

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