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On this page, you will find the classic plain bearing designs, with and without flange, as well as thrust washers that are very close to the standard dimensions of the uncatalogued product range, but do not entirely correspond to these, and/or deviate from these in individual features, such as the flange diameter, the wall thickness or the length. - You may find the bearing you need! - If not, please contact us! - We will find a solution!

Bearings of high performance plastics

Lower costs and raise service life by eliminating lubrication and lowering maintenance works, everything delivered from stock immediately - that is the core idea iglidur® polymers are tested in abrasion, friction and other material properties. They built the technological core of the igus® products. Polymer plain bearings from igus® signifies the step from the plastic bushing to the proven and tested, and thereby calculable and quickly available, machine element.


Using one of the five standards, iglidur® G, W300, J, L100, X and M250, you can solve nearly all applications for non-lubricated, dry-running plain bearings. Collectively these cover an enormous spectrum, from extremely contaminated applications (iglidur® M250) to environmental conditions involving exposure to chemicals and 250°C (iglidur® X). The proven decathlete among these is iglidur® G is, since it has above average performance in nearly all applications. In total, more than 2,000 dimensions are available directly from stock. For anyone who needs to find the right bearing, for "occasional shoppers", and anyone who needs the largest possible spectrum of dimensions, starting at a lot size of 1.

iglidur® G
the jack of all trades: the globally best selling iglidur® plain bearing

iglidur® J
the fast and slow motion specialist: versatile for long-term operation even with softer shafts

iglidur® M250
Heavy and rugged: outstanding vibration dampening

iglidur® W300
the long-term operator: extended holding times, even with softer shafts

iglidur® X
the high tech problem solver: resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to +250 °C

More all-rounder

This group summarizes the iglidur® materials that are virtually universally useable under under normal conditions (temperature, media, etc.). These include iglidur® GLW and iglidur® J4 as low-cost solutions for mass production. iglidur® P has similar potential to iglidur® G in conjunction with markedly reduced moisture absorption, which is a benefit in moist environments.

iglidur® P
versatile, even in moist environments

iglidur® J4
low cost and low wear

iglidur® GLW
pressure resistant low cost material for mass production

endurance run

Of course, each iglidur® plain bearing is optimized for wear, but the materials in this group, such as the standards iglidur® J and iglidur® W300, are characterized by particularly low wear rates, resulting in long service life. In addition to their absolute service life and price level, these materials are differentiated, among other characteristics, by their potential temperature and load ranges, as well as their use in combination with special shaft materials.

iglidur® R
Low cost material, low wear

iglidur® D
Low cost material with silicone

High temperatures till 250°C

Here, you will find high temperature specialists for long-term service temperatures up to 250°C (exception: iglidur® V400 at 200°C). iglidur® Z has for some time now established itself as the standard with extremely low wear rates under high load and/or temperatures. iglidur® V400 has proven itself as a problem-solver in many special situations.

iglidur® V400
High resistance to media and temperature

iglidur® Z
wear resistant under high loads and temperatures

High wear resistance, temperature to 200°C

Being almost on a par with the aforementioned group with respect to temperatures, the "iglidur® H family" has proven itself with its high resistance to media and a broad range of uses for wet applications. iglidur® H370 is the specialist for submerged applications, and iglidur® H2 is the media resistant low cost solution for high volume production with low operational performance.

iglidur® H
the standard for wet applications

iglidur® H370
lowest possible wear when submerged

iglidur® H2
media resistant low cost material

contact with food

iglidur® shines when lubricants cannot be used and the highest possible hygiene is required. Where would this be more true than in the food processing industry? FDA compliant materials for various application conditions with respect to moisture and temperature.

iglidur® A200
vibration dampening, absorbs moisture

Special applications

This group is a collection of iglidur® materials for highly specialized applications. Anyone who has been unable to find a suitable bearing will find what they need here. High loads, electrical conductivity, PTFE and silicone-free, or fast rotations while submerged: An iglidur® material for any application...

iglidur® Q
wear resistant at high loads

iglidur® UW
for submerged applications with fast rotations

iglidur® L100

Special models

Materials in different models
iglidur® Clip bearings

Easy installation with side slot, maintenance-free and self-lubricating, good adaptability to punch holes.

iglidur® bearing application examples and more information