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Cable guidance for dust and dirt

Energy chains prove themselves in abrasive environments in concrete and sand-lime brick production

Against the backdrop of the booming building materials industry, Masa GmbH's products come at just the right time. In the development and manufacture of the appropriate machines and systems, components are required that can cope with dust and dirt with confidence and work reliably. In the case of energy supply with our products for a service life of 30 years and longer, we look back on many years of successful cooperation with the experts from Masa.


  • What was needed: E4.1 energy chains; E4/4 energy chains; harnessed readychain e-chains
  • Requirements: The environment in the production of concrete and sand-lime bricks is characterised by large quantities of dirt, sand and spray water. Extreme stability and reliability of the cable runs were therefore required. Also important were systems that were quick and easy to install with a high level of user-friendliness.
  • Industry: Mechanical engineering
  • Success for the customer: The robust e-chain systems E4.1 and E4/4 enable the machine specialist to provide safety despite abrasive dust and dirt. They also have a modular design and are particularly easy to assemble.
Masa wet sawing line with energy chains Masa's wet sawing lines produce stone blocks of 500kg each and are safely supplied with energy, data and water by our energy chains.


Masa GmbH dedicates its development and production entirely to the concrete block industry. At the Porta Westfalica site, the specialist's focus is on machines and plants for the production of concrete slabs, aerated concrete and sand-lime bricks. Reliable technology, first-class quality and individually tailored plant concepts in partnership with the customer are at the heart of the company's business activities.
A prerequisite for reliable machines in the production of concrete and sand-lime bricks are robust and durable components that ensure extreme stability even in an environment characterised by dirt, sand and splash water. This requirement also applied to a new project - a wet sawing plant for the production of sand-lime bricks in the desired shape. The machine produces blocks of 500kg each, in individual shapes so that they can be installed directly in the right place on the construction site. In order to reliably secure the water, energy and data supply, a cable guidance system designed for the harsh environmental conditions had to be found. It is true that the cable guides only travel short distances in the application and are therefore not exposed to very high mechanical loads. However, it was all the more important for the plant manufacturer that the guide system be installed quickly and be absolutely reliable during operation.


Here Masa relies on e-chains of the E4.1 series, which ensure the supply of water, energy and data. The E4.1 offers modularity and ease of assembly. Smooth inner surfaces protect the cables and ensure very long service life. Even abrasive substances such as sand and dust do not affect the stability of the chains. To ensure quiet operation, the chain links have brakes on the radius stops. A wide range of applications is possible thanks to numerous options for the width dimensions and the internal separation, as well as thanks to maximum travel distances of over 200 metres.
While Masa usually orders the chains by the metre, for longer lengths they usually choose already equipped cable guides from the readychain product range. The ready-to-use complete package offers the user a special level of safety and convenience.
And the experts also rely on our systems for other types of machines. In the production of block making machines for interlocking pavers, pavement slabs or curbs, e.g., an energy chain type E4/4 is used during mould changes and protects hydraulic hoses and cables. The E4/4 is especially suitable for long travels of up to 1,000 m or also for unsupported, side-mounted applications. It also features high compressive forces and rigidity, which increases resistance to wet and harsh weather conditions.
For vertical guidance in the block making machine, our drylin linear plain bearings are used and prove to be very robust and reliable there. They operate quietly and without lubricants.

Energy chain E4/4 In plants for the production of, for example, interlocking paving stones, paving slabs or curbstones, e-chains of type E4/4 ensure safe guidance of cables and hydraulic hoses during mould changes.
Energy chain Our energy chains successfully defy external influences such as dust, dirt or splash water in Masa's plants.

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