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Chemical resistance of cables

The igus chainflex® cables can perform well in almost any environment. Important for this is the selection of the appropriate jacket material. It doesn't matter which chemicals are involved - alkalis and acids, oils or fuels. In the extensive chemical resistance table, you can learn about the right jacket material for the relevant chainflex® cable and the resistance group.
Do you need a customised cable for your specific application? Or do you need information about an unlisted chemical? The igus expert team will gladly assist you in person - whether via chat, email or telephone.

Selection table

Group chainflex® cable Jacket material Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Control cable
Control cable CF130.UL PVC 1      
Control cable CF140.UL PVC 1      
Control cable CF5 PVC   2    
Control cable CF6 PVC   2    
Control cable CF77.UL.D PUR     3  
Control cable CF78.UL PUR     3  
Control cable CF170.D PUR     3  
Control cable CF180 PUR     3  
Control cable CF2 PUR     3  
Control cable CF9 TPE       4
Control cable CF10 TPE       4
Control cable CF9.UL TPE       4
Control cable CF10.UL TPE       4
Control cable CF98 TPE       4
Control cable CF99 TPE       4
Data cable
Data cable CF240 PVC   2    
Data cable CF211 PVC   2    
Data cable CF112 PUR     3  
Data cable CF113 PUR     3  
Data cable CF11 TPE       4
Data cable CF12 TPE       4
Bus cable
Bus cable CFBUS TPE       4
Bus cable CF11.LC TPE       4
Bus cable CF11.LC.D TPE       4
Bus cable CF14 TPE       4
Measuring system cable
Measuring system cable CF211 PVC   2    
Measuring system cable CF113.D PUR     3  
Measuring system cable CF111.D TPE       4
Measuring system cable CF11.D TPE       4
Coaxial cable
Coaxial cable CFKoax1 TPE       4
Fibre optic cable
Fibre optic cable CFLK PUR     3  
Fibre optic cable CFLG.2H PUR     3  
Fibre optic cable CFLG.LB TPE       4
Fibre optic cable CFLG.G TPE       4
Servo cable
Servo cable CF210.UL PVC   2    
Servo cable CF21.UL PVC   2    
Servo cable CF270.UL.D PUR     3  
Servo cable CF27.D PUR     3  
Motor cable
Motor cable CF30 PVC   2    
Motor cable CF31 PVC   2    
Motor cable CF34.UL.D TPE       4
Motor cable CF35.UL TPE       4
Motor cable CF37.D TPE       4
Motor cable CF38 TPE       4
Motor cable CF300.UL.D TPE       4
Motor cable CFPE TPE       4
Motor cable CF310.UL TPE       4
Motor cable CF330.D TPE       4
Motor cable CF340 TPE       4
Motor cable CF BRAID TPE       4


Chemical resistance

 Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Inorganic chemicals
Aqueous solutions, neutral
Common salt (10%)++++
Glauber's salt (10%)++++
Aqueous solutions, alkaline
Soda (10%)O+O+
Aqueous solutions, acid
Sodium bisulfate (10%)O+O+
Aqueous solutions, oxidizing
Hydrogen peroxide (10%)++++
Potassium permanganate (2%)++++
Inorganic acids
Hydrochloric acid, concentrated----
Hydrochloric acid (10%)OOO+
Sulfuric acid, concentrated----
Sulfuric acid (10%)OOO+
Nitric acid, concentrated----
Nitric acid (10%)OO-O
Inorganic caustic solutions
Soda lye, concentrated---O
Soda lye (10%)OOO+
Potassium lye, concentrated---O
Potassium lye (10%)OOO+
Ammonia, concentratedOOO+
Ammonia (10%)++++
Organic chemicals
Organic acids
Acetic acid, concentrated (glacial acetic acid)---O
Acetic acid (10% in H2O)O+O+
Tartaric acid (10% in H2O)O+++
Citric acid (10% in H2O)O+++
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)---O
Ethyl alcohol (spirit)-OO+
Isopropyl alcohol-OO+
Diethylene glycolOO++
Aromatic compounds
Diesel fuel-O++
Synthetic oils
lubricating oil
ASTM oil #2O+++
Hydraulic oil
Mineral oil base-O++
Glycol baseOO++
Synth. Ester base-O++
Vegetable oils
Rapeseed oilO+++
Olive oilO+++
Soya bean oilO+++
Cold cleaning agent
Cold cleaning agent-O+O

+ None or little negative impact
O Medium interaction, short-term influence permitted
– Non-resistant, material is partially destroyed

All information applies to room temperature