igutex® TX2, sleeve bearing, mm

Very wear-resistant under extreme loads
igutex® TX2, sleeve bearing, mm
  • Part number: TX2SM-2025-20
  • Material: igutex® TX2
  • Shape: Shop sleeve bearings
  • Dimensions:
    • d1 20 mm
    • d2 25 mm
    • b1 20 mm
  • Adjust dimensions
  • Wound
  • Service life: Not available
Material properties:
Very wear-resistant under extreme loads
  • Particularly low wear in heavy-duty areas
  • Up to 3.5 times more wear-resistant than igutex® TX1
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore a long service life
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  • Particularly low wear in heavy-duty areas
  • Up to 3.5 times more wear-resistant than igutex® TX1
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore a long service life
The new igutex®TX2 plain bushings were developed for use in particularly highly loaded bearing locations. Due to its incorporated solid lubricants, the high-strength, wound structure ensures a low-friction and maintenance-free operation - entirely without external lubrication. Where injection-moulded plain bearings fail due to extreme mechanical loads, wound bushings display their strengths. The extremely strong filament allows for maximum resistance with its special, interwoven design. At the same time, no additional grease lubrication is required thanks to the incorporated lubricants. 
igutex® TX2 fabric bushings are particularly well-suited for agricultural machines and vehicles, the construction industry and mining. Wherever there are high loads, and corrosion-free and dirt-resistant bearings are required. 

Typical application areas
Construction machinery
Heavy machinery / Plant construction
You can find further applications here:
Industry solutions
When to use it?
  • When very high permanent static loads occur
  • For highly loaded pivoting movements
  • When not only high loads but also high temperatures and media resistance are required
When not to use it?
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Tolerances and measuring system
The installation height and tolerances of igutex® plain bearings are dependent on the material and wall thickness. For each material, the moisture absorption and the thermal expansion are decisive factors. Plain bearings with low moisture absorption can be designed with a minimal bearing clearance. The rule of thumb for wall thickness: the thicker the wall of the bearings, the larger the clearances must be.
Testing methods
igutex® plain bearings are press-fit bearings. The inner diameter adjusts only after press-fitting into the correctly toleranced housing hole. The press-fit interference can be up to 2% of the inner diameter. This ensures that the bearing is securely press-fitted. Axial or radial movements in the housing are also prevented in this way.
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