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motion plastics for general agricultural engineering

Reliable in combination with dirt, vibrations, low temperatures and heat

Conditions in agriculture are rough and temperamental. Therefore, it is even more important for components to work reliably and withstand the daily conditions. Our technical products can do that: low temperatures, heat, ice and dirt simply do not faze them. Their high-performance polymers and without additional lubrication, they have been designed especially for this.
Maintenance-free polymer plain bearings can be used with heavy-duty applications in soil cultivating machines or front loaders. drylin® linear systems can adjust monitors in tractor cabins. Energy chains and chainflex® cables are ideal for supplying field spraying systems with energy and liquids. Application options are versatile.

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Selected motion plastics for agricultural machinery

iglidur® plain bearings

iglidur G plain bearings

  • Resistant to edge pressures
  • Lubrication-free, corrosion-free, resistant to dirt
  • UV-resistant and vibration-dampening

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igubal® spherical bearings

igubal spherical bearings

Corrosion resistance

Maintenance-free and self-lubricating

Chemical resistance

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Individual components ...

igubal spherical bearings

... in the desired shape, quantity and the right material, tailored exactly to your application together with our experts

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drylin® linear technology

drylin W profile guide


Lightweight and quiet operation

Simple installation and maintenance-free

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E2/000 e-chain® series

Series E2/000 energy chain

Fast assembly

High strength and quiet operation

Various fastening options

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iglidur® gears


  • Durable
  • No minimum quantity
  • Available in various materials

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White paper

Service life maximisation of shafts and plain bearings for agricultural machines

One of the most common causes of failure and downtime in agricultural machinery lies in the wear of the shafts and bearings. You can learn in our white paper how you can avoid this problem with our lubrication-free plain bearings and increase the service life of both components.

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Free sample box for agricultural machinery

You are interested in our products for agricultural machines, but would like to see them yourself first before making a final decision? Then you are welcome to order the free sample box for agricultural machinery.

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Areas of use

Power lift

iglidur plain bearings in the power lift

Front loader

iglidur plain bearings in the front loader

Combine harvester

iglidur plain bearings in the combine harvester


iglidur plain bearings in the mulcher

Mulching mower

iglidur plain bearings in the mulching mower

Set bearings/overload protection

iglidur plain bearings in set bearings

Sowing machine

iglidur plain bearings in the sowing machine

Field sprayer

iglidur plain bearings in the field sprayer

Chassis bearing

iglidur® plain bearings in chassis bearing


Tractor driver cabin with igus products


Suitable products:


Mirror adjustment: iglidur® J plain bearings


Monitor adjustment: drylin® W guide carriages


Seat back adjustment: drylin® W linear guides


Steering column: iglidur® G plain bearings


Control elements: triflex® 3D energy chain


Hydraulic valve connections: igubal® double joints 


Seat back adjustment: drylin® W linear guides 


Arm rest adjustment: drylin® W linear guides 


Seat adjustment: E2 energy chain and chainflex® cables

More order in the computer centre
How to set up a fastening system for computers in the driver cabin based on a drylin linear guide:
>> go to DIY guide in the profi magazine (pdf)

Successfully in use in the agricultural industry

Intensive cultivator on the field

No more wasting time with lubricating bearings

igus® has been successfully collaborating with Lemken since 2008. Various Lemken machines are equipped with igus plain bearings, among them the cultivator Karat 9. In the overload elements, the metal bearing points previously used had to be lubricated up to one hour per day to prevent wear and corrosion. By switching to lubrication-free polymer plain bearings, the farmer saves valuable time. Furthermore, the dirt resistance and stability of the plain bearings increase service life and dependability.

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Root ball transplanter

Heavy load up to 15 tons is made possible

Maintenance-free and resistant to dust and dirt, the iglidur® G plain bearings are used in hinges, locking systems and hydraulic cylinders of bale trimming machines from Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz. They replace red brass solutions, that were produced in-house and required both a relatively large installation space and lubricants that polluted the environment. The new polymer bearings need no lubrication and withstand all edge loads without problems.

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Further agricultural industries

Vertical farming

FDA-compliant and cost-effective automation systems for indoor farming

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Smart farming

Flexible low-cost robots for automated sowing, weeding, harvesting etc.

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