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Cost-effective automation with maintenance-free linear robots

The drylin linear robots are based on the lubrication-free drive and linear technology from igus. As a manufacturer and supplier of all required axes, motors, energy chains, cables and hoses, igus offers both fast delivery of pre-configured linear robot kits within 24 hours and custom solutions. The drylin linear robots can be conveniently configured and assembled online as well as designed on site by our experts in the scope of a free consultation.  
Typical applications for linear robots include pick-and-place solutions, measurement and test automation, marking applications, assembly cells, sorting machines, safety technology, laboratory and analytical technology, medical technology, handling, automation and positioning.  

The benefits at a glance: 

  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Corrosion-free

Linear robots - room linear robots

Linear robots

  • Drive: toothed belt/racks
  • Motor: NEMA stepper motors
  • Line robots, low-profile linear robots or room linear robots
  • Individually configurable or available as a construction kit with defined stroke lengths in 24 hours

Linear robots
Delta robot

Delta robot

  • Modular system for simple assembly or pre-assembled
  • Lightweight
  • Self-lubricatingtoothed belt axes
  • Ready to connect with stepper motors and dryve D1 motor control system

Delta robot
Lift/rotate unit

Lift/rotate unit

  • Especially light due to polymer and hard anodised aluminium
  • Ready to install with NEMA11 stepper motor
  • Square profile with hollow chamber for supply lines and media
  • Modular design

Lift/rotate unit


Lubrication-free linear robots

All from a single source!

Linear robots from the manufacturer.

Easy installation

Simple linear robots

Maintenance-free linear robots in the applications of our customers

What is a linear robot?

Linear robots are industrial robots, consisting of a combination of several linear axes. They help to implement a multi-dimensional movement and are used for positioning tasks, automation and as measuring stations. Linear robots are available in numerous designs, including line robots, low-profile linear robots and room linear robots.  

  • Line robots are used in vertical working planes whereby a linear axis mounted on a linear carriage travels on the main axis.
  • Low-profile linear robots or surface linear robots are based on a linear axis system that can be moved in the XY direction.  
  • Room linear robots are typically 3-axis linear robots with XYZ strokes, whereby additional axes are possible.  

What is a linear robot?

What is a delta robot?

Delta robots are industrial robots with at least three arms, which are either fixed to a base with universal joints or, in the case of drylin delta robots, to toothed belt axes. The flange star connected via spherical bearings with the arm-axes moves in X, Y and Z directions in such a way that it allows high precision. The arms of delta robots are very light, which reduces the inertia and allows high achievable speeds and accelerations.
This type of pick and place robots is often used in factories for packaging and assembly.  

What is a delta robot?

What is a lift/swivel unit?

The lift/rotate unit is a space-saving pick and place robot based on a rack drive with a coated aluminium profile and a slewing ring with integrated toothing for receiving the toothed belt. Powered by a Nema motor, the lift/rotate unit can perform lifting and pivoting movements. The guide rod is at the same time the drive rod, whereby this handling device can move into very small installation spaces. 
Due to the compact design, the lift/rotate unit offers versatile and flexible application possibilities in the handling of small parts.
Frequent fields of application:

  • Pipetting technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Analysing technology
  • Medical technology
As the drylin lift/swivel unit is a modular handling device, its individual parts can be ordered individually or adapted to individual requirements. As a workpiece holder, any form of gripper can be integrated.    

What is a lift/swivel unit?

Further information

Cost-effective linear robots

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Lubrication-free linear axis

Lubrication-free linear axis

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Motors for linear drives

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Energy chains for linear robots

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