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igus® Ltd.

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Plastics for longer life® - Increase the service life of your machines with polymers

Service life up - Costs down

Lower cost and increase service life, no lubrication and a reduction of maintenance; everything from stock with fast delivery times – this is the core objective of all igus® products, systems and services.

Tried and tested in terms of durability, friction properties and stability, igus® polymers are the core of the igus® range.

We offer you 100,000 products from stock with no minimum order quantity.

New products for a lubrication-free world

Dry-operating polymer bearings save money and increase machine reliability. Lubrication-free and maintenance-free polymer plain bearings also protect the environment:

Worldwide, more than 50% of lubricants are discharged into the environment. (Landesanstalt für Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg)

The annual worldwide consumption of lubricants (RWTH Aachen) amounts to 37.3 million tons, 18 million of which are discharged into the environment without any safeguards

Costs of failures due to inadequate lubrication: 240 billion dollars in the USA alone (MIT)

The consumption of lubricants in Germany amounts to 1.1 million tons per year in metalworking companies, for the use of various oils for the lubrication of machines and machine elements, as well as hydraulic oils for hydraulically operated equipment (study of operational environmental protection in Baden-Württemberg)

Lubrication-free bearing technology ... - lasts longer - cost-effective

Innovations with high performance polymers

igus® polymer plain bearings constitute the step from a simple plastic bushing to a tested, predictable and readily available machine element.
Our research is essentially aimed at precise forecasts of bearing properties - especially service life - achieved by continuous advancements in materials.

Low weight, corrosion resistance as well as zero maintenance and lubrication achieve solutions for nearly all types of applications.
Fit and forget!


Predictable service life - lubrication-free

Lubrication-free operation is something every designer strives for. It is a reality with igus® polymer plain bearings. Decades of research now permit precise calculations of a polymer plain bearing's service life.

Various iglidur® materials for a wide variety of operating conditions.
Large range of dimensions compatible with nearly all applications. Predictable service life!

Install and forget – matching solutions from stock

Innovative and cost-effective products that can be assembled quickly

Delivery time from stock – lower storage costs

Large product selection – find the right solution at once

Time-saving tools on the Internet

We deliver customised, ready-to-fit units

Quick response customer service with many local sales engineers in Germany and worldwide.

igus® maintenance-free polymer plain bearings help improve your products and reduce costs at the same time.


Energy chain

The umbilical cord for your automation

e-chain systems® are lifelines to modern machines. They supply energy, data and pulses while moving about constantly. We see it as our task to be able to offer you all the components - e-chains®, all cables and all accessories as a system and to make sure that it works.
igus® e-chain systems® offer you numerous advantages for the construction:

Parallel routing of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic energy as well as digital signals via electrical lines or optical wave guides.

Space-saving installation

Quiet operation

High speeds and accelerations can be achieved

Durable in wind, weather, dirt and chemicals

Simple assembly of the modular system on site

Quick and easy installation of additional cables

chainflex® works or your money back!

Your production processes must remain trouble-free and that means your energy supply systems too. This requires completely reliable operation by all sub-components, including moving cables. igus® was the first company to develop complete e-chain systems®. chainflex® cables and e-chains® are offered from a single source, together with a system guarantee depending on the application involved. Design principles based on knowledge and exhaustive testing since 1989, prevent machine downtime at plants all over the world.

Benefits of tribopolymers

Triboplastics are tribologically optimized material compounds and the basis of all igus® products and systems.

The igus® quality

You can rely on the igus® quality.

Individual consultation

Individual consultation and planning - by phone or at your premises

igus® factory

The igus® factory - by Nicholas Grimshaw

Polymer bearings applications overview

Polymere bearings application examples overview

Energy chains applications

Energy chain systems from igus® are in use in different applications.

manus® contest

manus® competition for applications with polymer plain bearings

vector award

The vector award for bold energy supply solutions, e-chain systems® with cables, induction and wireless.