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i.Sense next level: transmission measurement without interference in the data link

Monitor bus, measuring system and data cable characteristics, without contact | i.Sense CF.D II

i.Sense CF.D II

Here we present a concept study for the further development of the proven i.Sense CF.D II cable monitoring system. The new sensor electronics system is "clicked" onto both sides of the cable to be monitored, close to the connector and a small measuring wire is wrapped around the cable. This wraps a small (8cm) "antenna" around the cable that is being measured.

This allows measuring the data transmission properties of bus, Ethernet, measuring system or data cables during operation without having to intervene in the data link. This reduces assembly costs, lowers operational downtime risk, and eliminates the need for re-calibration procedures after assembly. 

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Basic sketch Basic sketch of sensor cross section
Antenna representation Cable antenna winding
Tech up

Tech up

  • The transmission quality is measured during operation with clip-on sensor technology
  • i.Cee:plus II module connected for predictive maintenance information​
  • Smart monitoring of all moving cables, including plug-in connectors

Cost down

Cost down

  • Fast assembly significantly reduces assembly and setup costs
  • Without intervention in the data link, unnecessary calibration runs can be dispensed with.
  • Saves on additional measuring cores
  • Indicator for timely cable replacement – prevent unplanned plant shutdowns



  • Ongoing test series in the industry's largest test laboratory  for dynamic power transmission systems
  • Try it out in your own application: igus® is offering free samples in the beta test phase



  • No sacrificial cores needed
  • Predictable service intervals save resource-intensive emergency operations

Presentation of new products by Richard Habering

Integration into the network environment with i.Cee

As part of the smart plastics i.Sense condition monitoring system, this new CF.D II sensor evaluates all data in the i.Cee control cabinet module. This data can then be used to activate the alarm, manage control system escalation, or stop the plant immediately. 

This process offers numerous integration options, from preventive service management, which schedules regular maintenance depending on use, to location-independent fault management, which immediately reports any unforeseen change via various mobile channels. All information is collated in a modern dashboard, online or offline in the local network, depending on the customer's requirements.

Smart solutions with chainflex® cables

Condition monitoring (i.Sense) with chainflex cables requires no additional module. The system can be integrated and networked without additional software. In these cases, cables provide three options for condition monitoring. 

  • Cable push/pull force measurement (CF.P)
  • Cable electrical property measurement (CF.Q)
  • Transmission quality measurement (CF.D)



  • Condition monitoring
  • measures pull forces acting on cables
  • If there is a fault, the contact closes, and a notification is sent to the machine



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Indicates changes in the electrical properties
  • In the event of a fault, information by means of NO contact and signal



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Integrated in the cable, no extra measuring cable necessary
  • Package losses are detected in good time
  • Alarm via LED, NC contact or the network

The igus® white paper on predictive maintenance

Clarifies the distinction between condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

In this white paper, you will find out: 

  • What igus® condition monitoring (i.Sense) means
  • What igus® predictive maintenance (i.Cee) means
  • What technology is behind both systems
  • What the two systems offer industrial energy supply

Industry 4.0: real-world examples

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