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Module Connect – Save time and space with the igus® smart modular connector

Save time and space with smart connector modules

The Module Connect is a plug-in connector for connecting different electric cables, fibre optic cables, encoder cables or pneumatic hoses. It is characterised as a space-saving, low-profile housing industrial connector. Thanks to our igus® modular design, a fully-customised plug-in/disconnect point can be configured as a single module consisting of several different connector housings.

  • Easily adapt connectors to the geometry of the chain
  • Appropriate housing configurations for every kind of set-up
  • Only as many connectors as are actually needed
  • Strain relief in the housing
  • Space-saving: flat housing
  • Simplification of machine and plant cabling
  • Customised shapes designed to prevent polarity reversal
  • One connector module/one disconnect point, instead of many individual connectors
  • Harnessed and ready-to-connect as readycable® with a 36-month guarantee
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3 simple steps to configure your connector.

Intelligent interfaces, configured as required, polarised and harnessed ready for connection

Energy supply systems

1. Select energy chains, cables and configure suitability of inserts.

Plug connectors

2. Determine housing geometry.

3. Simply install.

Plug in your energy supply with just ONE connector

The module connect can be used anywhere where a large number of cables have to be connected in a small installation space and each housing can be fitted with up to four different connector inserts.

The housings can be joined together, allowing an almost unlimited number of module variations in terms of widths and height. Due to our flat housing design, the Module Connect saves a lot of space and enables a high contact density for every application. The connector modules can be adapted to the filling and geometry of the e-chain® in one of more layers. This enables ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application. Combining the system with the universal strain relief system from igus®, it enables secure attachment directly in the connector housing. The soft elements used enclose the cables and hold them securely in place without damaging them. Visually reminiscent of the honeycomb, the flexible structure adapts itself to different cable diameters and thus provides universal strain relief.
For the Module Connect, there are a variety of application possibilities, such as at the fixed or moving end of an e-chain®, between two e-chains® or for routing cables into terminal boxes or switch cabinets.

Individual interface from the construction kit

Request harnessing

Instead of requiring many plug-in/disconnect points in a limited space, the Module Connect can be configured individually as ONE interface. With the simple modular design, several connector housings are combined to a single module consisting of ONE plug-in/disconnect point.
Module Connect can be adapted to the filling and geometry of your e-chain® and enables ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application.

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