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Mounted on the side - turned 90°

Short travels with or without support

igus® e-chains® placed on their side can be used unsupported to a limited extent. The turned "unsupported length" in this case is dependent on the following factors:


Fill weight

Width of the e-chain®

Bending radius

Parallel placement.

The greater the fill weight of the e-chain®, the shorter the available unsupported length. When placed on its side, the e-chain® width, in effect, becomes the height. As this "height" increases, the e-chain system® becomes proportionally more stable. Small bending radii provide greater stability. If further movement in a second axis is added to the parallel motion of two chains, the unsupported length is impaired. For applications with low fill weight, the standard mounting brackets are adequate. If, however, the fill weight is high and the travels are long, the e-chain® must then be supported either in whole or in part. Due to the variety of application possibilities, we strongly recommend you make use of our consulting services.

Mounted on the side - turned 90°

Side-mounted E- Chains® - are strongly recommended if the installation height is restricted

Long travel, gliding

Side-mounted e-chains® can travel over 100 m with adequate guidance. All types of chain are designed so that they can be operated to glide on their side parts. The gliding partner can be an igus® plastic, stainless steel or galvanized steel, depending on how high the speed and service life requirements are. Roller and ball bearings or additional gliding elements are not necessary for igus® energy chains. The diagram below shows the principle of a guide trough for side-mounted applications.

Cables and hoses
Cables and hoses must be guided so that they can move freely in the e-chain® at any time. The igus® system kit offers many options for this purpose, for example spacers. igus® will gladly provide an application analysis, free of charge.

e-chain®, side-mounted, supported System E4
Series E4/4 with partial support
Unsupported System E4 e-chain®
Side-mounted X = total chain length [mm]
Y = additional load [kg/m]
side-mounted - lying on the side
The igus® separation elements also offer safe solutions for heavy hydraulic hoses
Cable and hose guidance with separators and spacers
Principle of a guide trough for long travel, side-mounted

Preferred Series for sidemounted applications