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Technical environment

Dirty Environment and igus® e-chains®

igus® - Experience with

Dust, dirt, mud, compost, wood, textile fibers, paper dust, abrasive paste, cooling agents, glass dust, glass splinters, coal dust, sand, corundum and much more.

Splatter and hot chips

Laboratory tests and numerous field applications prove that igus® e-chains® and E-Tubes reliably protect cables in welding robots and machine tools. Although welding splatter leaves some visible traces, it does not impair the material or the function. igus® E-Tubes have successfully withstood tests at 900°C with medium-sized hot metal chips. They are in use worldwide in the chip area of machine tools. (Please note: igumid G in direct contact with large amounts of melted aluminum is not recommended.)

Dirt, dust, chips

Materials and design make igus® e-chains® excellent problem-solvers in harsh environments. Experience and application references are available upon request. Please consult igus® with your application.


igus® e-chains® made of igumid G can be used in vacuum applications. Very little outgassing occurs.

Chemical resistance

igumid G is resistant to fuel, lubricants, oils, fats, alcohol, ester, ketone, and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Oxidants and acids are damaging. Table 1.38 shows an excerpt of the precise details concerning resistance to chemicals. Acid-resistant e-chains® are available upon request.

Coolant resistance

e-chains® and E-Tubes have proven resistant to cooling agents. However, we are always willing to perform individual tests if you have particular problems or advanced developments.

igus® E-Tubes in the chip area of machine tools
igus® e-chains® have proven their durability - shown here with wood chips
Compost sludge - numerous related references available upon request

Particularly suitable e-chain® Series for dirt, dust, chips