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Vertical standing

Mounting brackets

The mounting brackets must be attached so that the energy chain cannot bow out. The igus® program offers locking or one-sided, locking mounting brackets for almost all types of energy chains. Locking KMA mounting brackets are highly recommended because they can be attached flush to the machine.

Cables and hoses
Cables and hoses must be laid in the e-chain® so that they can bend freely. For precise guidance of the cables and hoses, we strongly recommend igus® interior spacer modules. Cables must be strain relieved at both ends.

Options for a standing application with support of the first e-chain® links: on the right, with U-shaped guidance - on the left, with the support of the first chain links

Lateral acceleration

If lateral acceleration occurs, the e-chain® should be supported along the outer radius. For higher e-chain® heights, it is generally recommended that at least the first three links on the outer radius be supported. For maximum heights and weights, the whole distance must often be supported. Due to the wide variety of combinations involving weights, stroke heights, e-chain® types and bending radii, we strongly recommend you make use of our consulting services.

Combined motions

Combined vertical and horizontal movements are possible with igus® energy chains for a cost-saving solution.

Combined horizontal and vertical movements
Standing application with support of the first e-chain® links - R68 E-Tube

Technical data - vertical - standing applications

Max. stroke height - without support ≈ 4 m
Max. stroke height - with support of the first
e-chain® links
≈ 6 m
Max. stroke height - with full support ≈ 20 m
v max (dependent upon stroke height and weight) 20 m/s
a max (dependent upon stroke height and weight) 50 m/s2

Vertically standing principle
Locking KMA mounting brackets Series 4040 E4/4
U-shaped supported E-Tube for high lateral acceleration

Preferred Series for vertical, standing applications