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motion plastics for
film and camera equipment
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Lubrication-free for successful filming

Whether for "do-it-yourself" applications or professional camera rigs – the versatile drylin® linear guide system offers extensive freedom when it comes to their design. Specifically in the construction of camera carriages, also referred to as sliders or dollies, technicians, product designers or DIY enthusiasts can make their wishes come true and combine individual components. The total absence of lubrication and the very low noise level due to the use of tribo-optimised polymers and aluminium are only two of many arguments that speak in favour of igus®. In addition, energy chains and chainflex® cables ensure increased dependability even where high speeds and tight bend radii are involved.

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Products for film and camera equipment

drylin W profile guides

drylin W linear system

  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • Dirt-resistant thanks to dry operation
  • Simple installation

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Cables for motion

chainflex cables

  • For heaviest duty applications
  • Flexible jacket materials
  • High-quality core insulation

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Energy chain system E6.1

System E6.1

  • For highest rates of acceleration
  • Low levels of abrasion and vibration
  • Extremely smooth running

Find out more about E6.1

Here, motion plastics are already being used successfully

Tested in the test laboratory for use in the real world

Take a look at our test laboratory for chainflex cables and e-chains, where tests are carried out for 10 billion cycles every year.
The drylin test laboratory with approx. 500 tests each year.

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