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igus bearing technology in automobiles -
application areas

Outstanding polymers, improved through specific additions of reinforcing materials and solid lubricants, tested thousands of times and proven in millions of applications - this is what igus motion plastics stand for.Every year, our engineers develop over 100 new plastic compounds and conduct more than 3,500 tests on maintenance-free bearings, establishing a large database of polymers' tribological specifications.

▸ Applications in the interior
▸ Applications in the exterior and chassis
▸ Applications in the engine compartment


Seat adjustments

Nowadays, a modern car seat has many manual and electronic adjustment options. Whether in the height, length, leg rest, armrest or headrest adjustment, whether in the folding mechanism or in the seat rotation: durability and reducing noise and weight are essential requirements for components in every modern seat construction. Our bearing technology and energy chain systems are ideal for this use.

Pedal systems

Low rattling and insensitive to edge loads: iglidur J plain bearings are perfect for pedal bearings

Selector lever

Durable components for bearing points on the selector lever: lightweight, quiet, durable and maintenance-free

Rotary switch

Smooth operation without additional lubrication and maintenance with xiros ball bearings

Head-up display

Noiseless, low-clearance bearing without lubrication with iglidur plain bearings

Centre armrest

Low-noise and smooth gliding without maintenance with the drylin N low-profile guide

drylin in the headrest

Head rest

Robust drylin material offers a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution even in the case of frequent adjustments, e.g. car sharing. Latching points in the guide rail allow for an incremental adjustment.

Exterior and chassis

Multiple-joint hinge

Low-backlash bearing with iglidur plain bearings, which calibrate themselves during the e-coating process

Door hinge bearing

High compressive strength and no contact corrosion with iglidur plain bearings

Rear hatch hinge

High compressive strength and no contact corrosion with iglidur plain bearings

Cross-bar hinge

High compressive strength and no contact corrosion with iglidur plain bearings

Convertible roof systems

Low bearing clearance despite rough tolerances of stamped mount and rivet with self-calibrating iglidur plain bearings


High edge load and low moisture absorption: safe tread with iglidur plain bearings

Brake caliper bearing

High temperatures and loads, constant contact with dirt and water - no problem for iglidur plain bearings


Insensitive to edge loads, low moisture absorption: iglidur plain bearing in the stub axle bearing

Front grill

Perfect for front grills with flap systems or roller mechanisms: dry-running iglidur plain bearings and xiros ball bearings

Driver's cabin bearing

iglidur G and J in rod eyes of hydraulic dampers

Windscreen wipers

Light and insensitive to dirt: iglidur plain bearing in the wiper arm and wiper blade kinematics


Light and insensitive to dirt: iglidur plain bearing in the wiper arm and wiper blade kinematics

drylin linear guides in the sliding roof


drylin linear guides slide on polymers and have no sensitive components such as recirculating ball bearing guides. Therefore, they are resistant to dirt and heat, corrosion-free and have low moisture absorption.

Engine compartment

Actuators and small gears

Plain bearings, thread technology and gears for maintenance-free continuous operation

Coolant pumps

Plain bearings with resistance to water-glycol mixtures and high sliding speed in the medium

Cooling water controllers

Media-resistant plain bearings with cost advantage over ceramic and carbon graphite bearings

Brake boosters

Plain bearing with lower wear and friction compared to similar metal solutions

Throttle valve

Perfect replacement of needle bearings: media- and temperature-resistant iglidur plain bearings


With iglidur plain bearings: no more contact corrosion in contrast to metallic bearings and better damping

Variable intake manifold

Vibration-dampening iglidur plain bearing with tolerance compensation due to O-ring

Steering systems

Wear-resistant plain bearing in the steering shaft and steering column adjustment of commercial vehicles

Belt tensioner

Dirt-resistant iglidur J plain bearings for high-frequency oscillating movements

igubal coupling joints



Depending on the material, igubal coupling joints can be used at high temperatures and are therefore ideally suited for use in turbochargers. They are also dirt-resistant and corrosion-free.



Metallic applications are replaced by igubal coupling joints in gearboxes, as the high-performance polymers reduce noise and dampen vibrations.

Coupling point on variable intake manifolds

Controlled intake manifolds

In contrast to coupling joints made of heavy metal, igubal plastic coupling joints show a low coefficient of wear and withstand frequent loads, in addition to the weight advantage.

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