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drylin® SHT linear module

Flexible, versatile and robust

The drylin® SHT linear modules can be moved lubrication-free while also offering high precision and robust components. The units can be individually configured with various shaft and lead screw materials, carriage lengths and additional functions. The SHT range is suitable for manual and motorised operation and is delivered ready for connection with drylin® motors.
Special properties: 

  • Solid design
  • Various materials for shaft and lead screw
  • Manual accessories available
  • Available with motor
  • Individually configurable
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The SHT standard series installation sizes

drylin SHT-08 linear module


  • Carriage lengths:
    • SHT:    65 mm
    • SHTC: 35mm
  • Maximum stroke length: 300mm
  • Shaft diameter: 8mm

drylin SHT-12 linear module


  • Carriage lengths:
    • SHT:    85mm
    • SHTC: 30 mm 
  • Maximum stroke length: 750mm
  • Shaft diameter: 10mm

drylin SHT-20 linear module


  • Carriage lengths:
    • SHT:  130 mm
    • SHTC: 36mm
  • Maximum stroke length: 1.000mm
  • Shaft diameter: 20mm

drylin SHT-30 linear module


  • Carriage lengths:
    • SHT:  180 mm
    • SHTC: 50mm
  • Maximum stroke length: 1.500mm
  • Shaft diameter: 30mm


Self-locking linear module


  • Trapezoidal threads for great positional accuracy
  • Stays in place under loads
  • Protection against unintentional adjustment
  • Functions as a brake when used vertically

With preload

Linear module with preload


  • With preloaded trapezoidal lead screw nut (50N)
  • Manually and continuously adjustable radial clearance
  • Lightweight due to aluminium and polymer

With several carriages

Linear modules with several carriages


  • With short or long carriages
  • Right/left opposite drive
  • High support with freely moving carriages

With high helix thread

Linear modules with high helix thread for high speeds


  • For fast positioning
  • Very smooth operation thanks to dryspin® geometry
  • For feeds up to 100mm stroke/rotation

Leadscrew drive with ball bearing

Linear module with lead screw with ball bearings


  • Higher speed and precision
  • Belt drive permits radial loads
  • Constant drive torque

Manual and electric

Linear module for electrical movement


  • Ready to install with accessories for manual adjustment
  • Ready to install, including motor and motor control

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Other products and variants

Stainless steel drylin SHT linear module

SHT stainless steel linear modules

  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Extremely robust and corrosion-resistant
  • FDA-compliant variants available

Stainless steel linear modules
igus drylin SHT XY table

drylin XY table

  • High precision
  • Completely self-lubricating
  • Precise alignment thanks to CNC manufacturing

To the XY tables
igus stepper motor

drylin® E stepper motors

  • Suitable NEMA stepper motors
  • Other accessories (proximity switches)
  • Fully assembled

Electric motors drylin® E

igus linear modules shop

drylin® linear modules with a single click ...

... order linear modules harnessed, ready to connect, with stroke lengths of 250 and 500mm in the online shop.

  • With lead screw drive or toothed belt drive
  • Two defined stroke lengths for each system
  • Flexible with drive pins for manual and electric drive  Ready to install with lead screw clamp, position indicator and hand wheel for quickly reproducible adjustments 
  • No time-consuming searching and assembly
  • Reduced design effort with PDF and CAD file available in the online shop

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